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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Dexter Season 8 - Michael C. Hall Films Episode at Los Cerritos Center - Report

Los Cerritos News reports: It is one of the most popular series on television with one of the most respected actors in Hollywood and last week the cast and crew of “Dexter” landed at the Los Cerritos Center for a day of location filming.

Michael C. Hall, who portrays “Dexter” in the hit Showtime series spent an entire day with nearly 50 to 75 crew members who work feverously to capture a segment of an episode that is slated to air during this current season.

Hall was filmed at a makeshift “exercise equipment” kiosk that was built for the day’s production shoot near the Perry Ellis, Cache and Godiva Chocolate stores. The entire palm court section of the center was crafted into an upscale mall in Florida,” said Chris Fuentes, who was the on-site location manager for “Dexter.” Read more here.
[Original image from the set at Los Cerritos. Credit: JaneteSantos]

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