David Nevins: "Dexter Is to Showtime What Batman Is to Warner Bros"

At the TCA Winter Press Tour, Showtime president David Nevins revealed the premiere dates for network's series, in 2013. Between others, he said about Dexter: "I’m not making any announcements today about when Dexter will end,” he said. “I will make announcements. I’ll clarify (things) before Dexter goes on the air for this next season. There’s a clear endgame in place. I can’t talk about it just yet.”

“I do think the endgame" he said "and the bringing of Deb into Dexter’s private torment, his turmoil, his story, revitalized the show. The decision to end Dexter is ultimately a creative decision and will be made for creative reasons. Dexter is to Showtime what Batman is to Warner Bros. It's a core franchise. I want to take care of it in a way that’s respectful to the franchise and respectful to the fans. It’s a pretty tightly written story.”

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