Dexter Season 7 Spoilers - Jennifer Carpenter Teases the Interaction Between Deb and Hannah

On last Sunday's episode, it was revealed that Hannah McKay is a murderess. Jennifer Carpenter reveals what to expect between Deb and Hannah when their paths will cross. Hit the jump to read some spoilers from Jennifer, via!

According to Jennifer Carpenter, an intro between the two is imminent and it’s not gonna be pretty.

“The interaction between Deb and Hannah is like putting two Siamese fighting fish in a bowl, where one will ultimately destroy the other,” the actress tells TVLine with a laugh.”You just don’t know who is going to win.”

Carpenter reveals that “their tension is palpable” from the get-go for a number of reasons, including “the rap sheet that Hannah comes with, [and] the threat she poses to both Deb’s brother [Dexter] and to Deb herself.” Adds the actress, “Hannah’s such a different flavor than Deb; still just as strong and potent, but she has a different fighting style… She’s working all kinds of angles, and there’s every reason [for Deb] to get her out of [their] lives.”

Onscreen drama aside, Carpenter could not be more complimentary of co-star Yvonne Strahovski, whom she calls “an incredible human being and a brilliant actress.” “It is such a treat to work with an actor who’s playing a character who can feel feelings,” she continues, joking, “because Dexter can’t! So, that’s been amazing.”

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