Dexter's Prop Master Talks How He Made the Show's Most Gruesome Set Pieces

Via: by Gwynne Watkins: On Sunday's episode of Dexter, Miami Metro unearthed a pair of rotted corpses wrapped in a shower curtain: the long-buried victims of this season's obligatory serial killer, Wayne Randall. If you were watching in HD, you may have noticed the skeletons' disturbingly realistic remnants of hair and muscle or the cockroaches emerging from at least one orifice. That gory scene was masterminded by Joshua Meltzer, the prop master responsible for crafting all the blood, body parts, crime scenes, and weapons in Dexter Morgan's universe. "I've created a lot of wonderful and memorable props over the years, but Dexter is a prop master's dream," says Meltzer, who has been working in television for 36 years (including runs on Who's the Boss?, Dinosaurs, and The Vampire Diaries). Among the unique challenges presented to Dexter's prop department: mounting dismembered body parts on horseback, cramming live bodies into barrels, building a seven-headed alligator, and filling many, many bathtubs with blood. Vulture asked Meltzer to break down nine of the show's most iconic death scenes, giving us a behind-the-scenes look at how nightmares are created (and a major hint about the ending of season seven). Read the whole article by clicking here.

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