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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Next on Dexter: Episode 7.02 Sunshine and Frosty Swirl" - Promo

The promo trailer for next week's episode of Dexter, 7.02 "Sunshine and Frosty Swirl", is the extended one we posted few hours ago. And because for amazing promos like this, one time is never enough, watch it again below!

Dexter Wrap Up: Listen to This Week's Podcast Featuring Jennifer Carpenter

Dexter writer/producer Scott Reynolds puts it all on the table as host of the weekly post-show podcast featuring behind-the-scenes insights from the cast and crew. This week listen to his first podcast featuring Dexter star Jennifer Carpenter. Click here to download!

POLL: What Did You Think of the Dexter Season 7 Premiere?

OMG! The Season 7 premiere episode of Dexter just aired on Showtime! What did you think of it? Vote below and share your thoughts in the comment section!

Watch Dexter Season 7 Premiere - Episode 1 "Are You...?" [Video]

Showtime released the full season 7 premiere episode of Dexter on YouTube! US only.

Dexter Season 7 Premiere Live on Showtime - Join the Conversation!

The. Wait. Is. Over. Let's talk about Dex! Watch the episode live on Showtime and join the conversation during episode 7.01 "Are You...? Post your reactions while watching the premiere! Hit the jump below to chat!

Dexter Season 7 Premiere - 7.01 "Are You...?" On Tonight - Photos, Videos, Synopsis

We are only two hours away from the Season 7 premiere of Dexter! Find photos, videos, synopsis and more about the episode by clicking the following links.

ATTENTION! 20 minutes before the premiere on Showtime, we'll post an article with a live chat, so you can discuss live what happens on episode 7.01 "Are You...?". You will be able join the conversation only if you login via your Facebook / Twitter account or via chatroll (sign up).

Yvonne Strahovski on Hannah McKay: "It's Very Different Than Anything I've Played Before"

Via E!Online by Kristin Dos Santos: Could Dexter finally have a female villain? The way Yvonne Strahovski talks about her new character, Hannah McKay, she sure has all the makings! Dexter returns to Showtime tonight, and naturally, Chuck fans cannot wait to see what the woman formerly known as Agent Sarah Walker has up her (eeevillle?) sleeves.

"She's a dark and mysterious woman," Yvonne tells me of Hannah. "She doesn't come off that way initially, but she has a past and I can tell you that it's very different than anything I've played before. Most people know me from Chuck where I played a CIA agent, where I was on the side of the law, and this time I'm not part of any law enforcement agencies."

Because…your character is horribly, horribly devious?! Mayhaps? All we know is we are really hoping for a female nemesis for Dexter Morgan (Michael C.Hall) this year, given that the only one he ever had was Lyla back in season two. And she wasn't even the slightest bit nefarious until the final few episodes. Yvonne would do it up right, mmm-kay!

We also know Hannah (Yvonne) will be working with Miami Metro—at least initially—to help in a major homicide investigation. And she has spent the past several years trying to get away from some sort of horrible and haunting past with an older man she fell in love with. (Shades of Deb/Liddy, and Lumen.)
We'll have to wait beyond episode three, when Yvonne makes her debut, to know more, but for now we can tell you that the fan favorite is pinching herself to get to play such a huge role. "I watched all six seasons [of Dexter] back to back in three weeks," she tells me. "They called and said would you like to play this role of Hannah McKay, and explained it to me, and it took me all of three seconds to say yes." Head to E!Online to read the rest of the article!
Photo credit: Showtime

Jennifer Carpenter Talks Debra and Dexter Season 7

Check out a new interview with Jennifer Carpenter, this time for by Jay Bobbin:

Zap2it: Going into the new season of "Dexter," how do you perceive Debra, now that she knows Dexter's secret of being a serial killer?
Jennifer Carpenter: It's written that she's a very good cop, so I was afraid that she might lose some credibility with the audience if she didn't hurry up and find out. While I was curious to see what [the show's writers] would do, I was also really scared to play it ... but I think they've done a really nice job of keeping it honest, so that everything about Debra remains true. You can honor that but still redesign the dynamics of her relationship with Dexter.

Zap2it: That's still a major change for Debra. How is it to play that?
Jennifer Carpenter: I feel like it's the first time I've come to work and not had some sort of compass to where things are going. I'm trying to let that be OK, because that's exactly where I think she has to be.

A lot of anger seems to be directed toward Dexter, because he had all these opportunities to make her life more manageable, and he denied her that. I think that makes it really exciting, too, because you don't know if it's safe because of her newfound personal and professional power.

Zap2it: How do you view Debra's handling of her new responsibilities within the Miami Police Department?
Jennifer Carpenter: It's like anything new. Once you get used to riding the bike, you sometimes let one hand fall; then, before you know it, both hands are at your side, and you're still upright. Her world didn't cave in.
Photo credit: Showtime

The Cast of Dexter Supports Lauren Velez's 'They Call Me La Lupe' Movie [Video]

If you hate spoilers, don't watch this video. The Dexter cast supports Lauren Velez's new movie! The last 'supporter' is a huge... surprise!

WATCH: Dexter Season 7 Look Ahead - New Unbelievably Awesome Trailer

I can't even write after watching this. Watch below an AMAZING trailer about what comes next!!! SPOILER ALERT!

Tonight's the Night - Dexter Season 7 Premiere!

DEXPERTS! The wait is almost over! The Season 7 premiere of Dexter is hours away! 290 days after the shocking and huge cliffhanger of the Season 6 finale our favorite serial killer is back. Stay tuned at Dexter Daily, for all the updates before and after the premiere!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Michael C. Hall Discusses Season 7: "Dexter Is Simultaneously Relieved and Horrified"

Via by Eric Goldman. Dexter star Michael C. Hall talks about the upcoming season and more.

IGN TV: Obviously, Deb finding out or catching Dexter in the act is something we’ve all been very, very interested to see since the show began. Were you excited, scared or both about finally going there?
Michael C. Hall: I would say both. It’s probably a dichotomous thing for Dexter. He’s simultaneously relieved and horrified -- as I think Deb is. But yeah, I think all roads have been leading to this happening. There’s something about her finding out that really feels like it’s bringing us back to the beginning of the show and everything that’s happened in the meantime. There’s a real richness to the landscape now. Dexter’s always existed as the soul owner of his secret. Now, someone else is in on it, and it’s a completely new dynamic for him to negotiate and a new kind of trouble for him to be in. I think Dexter’s always best when that character’s in trouble -- and he’s in a lot of trouble!

IGN: It’s Deb, so it’s hard to think he’s going to kill her, but he could flee. He could try a lot of things. What goes through his head at this point?
Hall: What’s interesting is that I never thought it would be a good idea to have Dexter get caught and go on trial and have to defend himself to a jury, but in a way we do get to see Dexter defend himself to a single individual - to Deb. I think it’s interesting that he never apologizes for what he’s done and who he is and what he will continue to be and do. It obviously gives Deb some very difficult pills to swallow, but Dexter keeps coming up with the pills, you know? Read the whole interview, after the jump...

Writer Scott Reynold's Dexter Podcast With Jennifer Carpenter Available Tomorrow Night

Dexter writer Scott Reynold announced few hours ago via Twitter that his podcast with Jennifer Carpenter about Debra, will be available tomorrow night, after the Season 7 premiere! You you'll be able to find it at, iTunes and at Dexter Daily!

Dexter Season 7 - The Secret Is Out - New Promo

Dexter Season 7 premieres tomorrow! Watch now an all-new promo. Can't wait!

Executive Producer Sara Colleton On What This Season Is About and Many More

Dexter executive producer Sara Colleton, talked at Co.Create and Christine Champagne about the seventh season of Dexter and many more:

Co.Create: Fans have been dying for Deb to find out about Dexter’s true nature. Were you also eager to get to this point in the series?
Colleton: Not really because I knew there were only so many permutations you could have with this. So I really wanted us to take our time and explore every other aspect of Dexter that we could before it became necessary for Deb to be let in on his secret.

Dexter is famous for some dramatic and disturbing season enders. What is it like for your writing staff when a season ends, and how do you gear up for the next season? I understand that you start with the general themes that you want to cover before diving into plot and potential new characters.
When a season ends, it’s always the same thing. It’s like, ‘Oh my God, we’ve brought the ship to safe harbor.’ The last few episodes of [a season of] Dexter are so tense and so much happens, and we’re so emotionally wiped out when a season ends. And every year, by the time we regroup, which is usually with preliminary talks in mid-January, we just sit around and say, ‘Alright, what did we learn? What did Dexter learn last year? What was his takeaway? Where are we with his character, and where do we want to go? What do we want to see him explore? What feels real and natural?’ You try to take everything from the human point of view. That’s always worked for us. So it’s just talking about where he is in his life, and then after some considering going from there. Hit the jump to read more...

WATCH: Michael C. Hall on The Late, Late Show With Craig Ferguson

Last night, Michael was on CBS' Late, Late Show with Craig Ferguson. He talked about Six Feet Under, Dexter and more! Watch the hilarious interview below!

Aimee Garcia Gets Nervous Every Time She's Handed a Dexter Script - Find Out Why!

Why is Aimee Garcia getting nervous when she's handed a Dexter script? Because she never knows if it will be her last! Dexter co-star talked at about her role on Dexter and more.

 “Even if I have an avocado face mask on, I’ll run out when the script comes and snatch it from the messenger and look through it,” Garcia said over the phone from Los Angeles last week. “My friends are always like ‘Are you getting killed off?’ and I’m like ‘I don’t know yet. And even if I did, I wouldn’t tell you.’ Hit the jump for more...

Dexter and Homeland - The Wait Is Over - Promo

Tomorrow night's the night! Showtime released a new promo for its highly anticipated hit series Dexter and Homeland. Watch it below!

Friday, September 28, 2012

Executive Producer Scott Buck Teases Dexter Season 7: Changes, Troubles and Revelations

Via, by Natalie Abrams: After spending the past six seasons keeping his Dark Passenger in the, uh, dark, Dexter's titular character will be forced out of the serial-killing closet in the season premiere.

The last we saw Dexter, he had finally delivered his own biblical form of vengeance upon Travis, stabbing him in the closing moments of the finale. Unfortunately, Dexter wasn't alone in that church, as Deb, planning to profess her love to her brother, walked in on him driving a knife into Travis.

So what does this mean for Dexter now? turned to showrunner Scott Buck to get the scoop on how this reveal changes everything in the coming season, from his relationship with Deb to whom else might be coming after him.

Somebody finally knows Dexter's secret! Will we see a more vulnerable side to him this season?
Scott Buck: I don't think we necessarily have to see a more vulnerable side of Dexter because his every moment is at risk because you never quite know what Deb is going to do in this situation. She loves Dexter probably deeper than he quite realizes at this moment, but even so, she's a police officer and that's her job. It's more than just a job, it's very important to her; it's who she is. Click the 'read more' button for the whole interview...

Michael C. Hall On How Deb's Knowledge Will Affect Dexter: "It's a Real Shit Situation"

Via: by Lesley Goldberg: "It's the first season where I've felt like I need a voiceover; I need the writers to tell me where I am because I have no map for it," Dexter's Jennifer Carpenter says of her experience shooting the game-changing seventh season of the Showtime drama.

During last season's shocking finale, Carpenter's Deb walked in to profess her feelings of love for her foster brother only to find Dexter (Michael C. Hall) plunging a knife into the body of last season's big bad, Travis. The revelation came after six seasons of close calls for Dexter, with Deb coming thisclose to seeing Dexter's Dark Passenger first hand.

Season seven picks up immediately where the finale left off, with Deb questioning why Dexter would not only kill Travis but wrap his body in plastic before killing him. Subsequent teasers have revealed that they'll team to burn the church down as Deb helps him out of what she thinks is an end of the world-type jam but she'll keep a close guard over him as she begins to grow more curious about his unexplainable behavior. Read the rest after the jump...

Dexter - Episode 7.03 "Buck the System" - Larger Promotional Stills

We have some larger versions of the promotional photos for episode 7.03 "Buck the System". Hit the 'read more' button to see more...

Desmond Harrington Joins Twitter

Desmond Harrington aka Joey Quinn has joined Twitter! Follow him! @dezharrington
Photo credit: Showtime

WATCH: Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter's Dexter Cover Photoshoot For TV Guide Magazine

Take a backstage look at Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter's photoshoot for the new issue of TV Guide Magazine. In the video they spill some spoilers about Season 7!

Dexter - Episode 7.05 "Swim Deep" - Synopsis

Read after the jump, the official synopsis, for the fifth episode of Season 7, which will be called, "Swim Deep"... [Spoiler Alert!]

In Preparation For Dexter Season 7: Watch An Amazing Tribute Video

Only 2 days till the Season 7 premiere of Dexter! Watch below a great fanmade tribute video about our favorite serial killer! (Thanks to for the heads up!)

WATCH: Jennifer Carpenter on The Late, Late Show With Craig Ferguson

Jennifer Carpenter was on CBS' Late, Late Show with Craig Ferguson last night, to promote the upcoming season of Dexter. Watch the great video below!

Latest From Watch With Kristin - Dexter Season 7 Finale Spoiler

Latest from E!Online's spoiler chat daily column. Kristin has a big spoiler about the season 7 finale episode of Dexter. Hit the jump below, if you want to read it...

The Dexter Season 7 Finale Will Take Place On...

E!Online has a pretty big spoiler regarding the season 7 finale of Dexter, which will have show's best title ever. We will post the less spoilery part of Kristin's scoop here: The story of the Dexter Season 7 finale of Dexter will take place on the final day of the year (New Year's Eve). We had to see a Christmas Dexter episode since Season 1!

WIGS' Ruth & Erica Starring Michael C. Hall - Watch the First Three Episodes

The first three episodes of WIGS's Ruth & Erica starring Michael C. Hall, are available. See the first one below and episodes 2 and 3 here and here respectively

The Spoiler-Free Side of Dexter Daily Is Here!

Do you hate spoilers but you love DexterDaily? Now that the Season 7 premiere of Dexter is closer than ever, we introduce you the spoiler-free side of our site! Click here and you will be able to read all the non-spoilery articles of DD together! For easier access to 'Spoiler-Free' there's a link at the horizontal bar on the top of DexterDaily! (See below).

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Michael C. Hall Dishes on Dexter Season 7, Yvonne Strahovski's Character and More

Michael C. Hall talks about the seventh season of Dexter, Yvonne Strahovski's character, Hannah McKay, Deb and more. Read below his latest interview:

As the ideas started gelling for this season, what was the one that hooked you most?
Just knowing that we ended [Season Six] with the revelation, and that we weren't going to pull any punches by the end of that first episode. All the cards are on the table, and the thing that compelled me is that. It's this secret no longer just being his own, and he has to manage not only his own feelings about it inasmuch as he has them, but the feelings of the person closest to him.

Is that an extra shot of adrenaline in the scenes that you share with Jennifer Carpenter? 
Yeah. It's all infused with a new energy, a new dynamic, a new thing to manage. He's not hiding anymore. I think Dexter is justifiably paranoid and manipulative in ways that we've never seen him have to be. I think at this point we are convinced that Dexter is arguably human, but our sense of his humanity has been compartmentalized and always so sweet to his son. He's human in some pretty unsavory ways, too, and we see that. Read the rest of the interview, after the jump...

Dexter Season 7 Finale - Filming Has Begun

Episode 7.12, the season 7 finale of Dexter has begun production. It will be called "Surprise Motherf*cker" and airs on December 16.

Showtime's Hitting the Road and Coming to a College Campus Near You - Press Release


 New York, NY (September 27, 2012) – SHOWTIME is touring some of the nation’s biggest campuses and tailgating during some of college football’s most exciting games with the first-ever SHOWTIME Tailgate Tour, an experiential marketing tour to promote the new seasons of DEXTER® and Homeland, premiering this Sunday, September 30. Two SHOWTIME trucks will be simultaneously touring the country filled with giveaways, games and more.

SHOWTIME campus brand ambassadors will be giving away DEXTER® and Homeland themed snow cones (“SHO-cones”), will offer face painting with each school’s colors, as well show themed tailgating games where participating fans will win SHOWTIME prizes for participating. To follow the tour or for more information about times and locations visit The current tour schedule includes:

DATE            CITY                            SCHOOLS PARTICIPATING
9/27/2012       Washington DC           University of Maryland/George Washington University
9/29/2012       College Station, TX          Arkansas at Texas A&M
10/1/2012       New York                        NYU/Columbia
10/3/2012       Boston                  Boston University/Northeastern University
10/6/2012       Chicago, IL     University of Miami vs. Notre Dame at Soldier Field in Chicago, IL
10/6/2012       Austin, TX                      West Virginia at University of Texas
10/9/2012       Chicago, IL                     University of Illinois at Chicago/ University of Chicago
10/13/2012      East Lansing, MI                Iowa at Michigan State
10/13/2012      Baton Rouge, LA         South Carolina at LSU

Jennifer Carpenter Tonight on The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson on CBS

Jennifer will be on CBS' Late Late Show, with Craig Ferguson tonight, to promote the forthcoming seventh season. Tomorrow night Michael C. Hall will be there too!

Lauren Vélez Talks About 'La Lupe' Biopic and the 'Struggles' of Being A Latina In Showbiz

Via: huffingtonpost, by Carolina Moreno: Police Captain María LaGuerta will soon be busy following Dexter’s blood-soaked trail when the seventh season of the Showtime hit drama "Dexter" premieres this week. But Puerto Rican actress Lauren Vélez, who plays the ruthless LaGuerta, used the time between seasons to work on a project centered around another ambitious Cuban woman.

Vélez, a long time admirer of 1960s Cuban singer and exile Guadalupe “La Lupe” Victoria Yolí Raymond, will star and help produce "They Call Me La Lupe,” a biopic of the artist written by Luis Caballero and James Manos Jr. (creator of “Dexter”). To bring the film to the big screen -- also set to feature Dominican actress Judy Reyes (“Scrubs”) -- the Boricua and a team of producers are trying to raise $100,000 through Kickstarter, a popular social platform used to fund creative projects.

In an exclusive interview with The Huffington Post, Vélez talked about the reasons she’s determined to make the film and why she's so passionate about La Lupe, the eccentric character she will portray. Read the whole interview here.

Jennifer Carpenter Tells Little 'Harrisons' How Dexter Season 7 Ends [Photo]

This must be one of the cutest photos I've ever seen! Jennifer tweeted a photo from the set of Season 7. She said that she revealed the way season 7 ends to Evan George, and Luke Andrew Kruntchev!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Michael C. Hall & Jennifer Carpenter Dexter Features In the Latest Issue of TV Guide Magazine

Check out some Dexter features from the new issue of TV Guide Magazine which is about the Fall Cable TV. It contains interviews from Michael C. Hall, Jennifer Carpenter, Yvonne Strahovski, photos and more. Click the pics below, to enlarge.

The Showtime Takeover of Grand Central Terminal's Vanderbilt Hall - Day 1 [Photos]

Showtime takes over Grand Central Terminal’s Vanderbilt Hall from today, through September 28 to celebrate the launch of the highly-anticipated new seasons of its hit series Dexter and Homeland. The special event gives fans a chance to truly interact with their favorite series and will feature fan-inspired artwork, clips from some of the series’ most memorable moments and giveaways. She some photos from the first day, below. Click each of them to enlarge.

Dexter iOS App For iPhone and iPad - Version 2.0

The version 2.0 for iPhone and iPad is now available. Dexter is renewed, recharged and refocused, and so is the app. Put yourself into a slice of Dexter’s life. Never miss a single thrill by tracking the episode schedule and setting reminders.

Watch preview scenes from the next episode, behind the scenes footage and exclusive interviews with the cast and creators. Sample a full episode, download wallpaper and enjoy the Dexter Photo Booth.

Key features: 

-Universal App: Compatible with iPhone and iPad
-Watch the latest Dexter clips and videos
-Create customized Dexter-themed photos in the Photo Booth
-Access schedule information and set reminders for upcoming Dexter airings
-Get detailed info on past episodes in the Episode Guide
-Download Dexter wallpapers for iPhone and iPad
-Download full episodes & get soundtracks from previous seasons on iTunes directly from the app

Dexter - Episode 7.03 "Buck the System" - New Promotional Photos

It looks so good! Hit the jump to see some new promotional stills, from the third episode of season 7, "Buck the System"...

Dexter: Season 6 - Music From the Showtime Original Series Has Been Released

The amazing Dexter music by composer Daniel Licht, for the sixth season, is now available!

Michael C. Hall on 'Attack of the Show' [Photos]

Hit the jump below to see some photos from last night's appearance of Michael C. Hall on G4TV's "Attack of the show...

WATCH: Michael C. Hall's Interview on Attack of the Show

In case you missed Michael C. Hall's priceless appearance on G4TV's 'Attack of the Show,' which aired Tuesday at 7/6c, check the link below! Watch our beloved 'Dexter' perform skits and bust out impressions with host Ben Schwartz, talk about his opposable-thumbed cat, and tease us about the new season which is now closer than ever. Check the link below!

And, if you're interested in some more fun Michael C. Hall/Ben Schwartz banter, check out the College Humor original skit, 'Renting Porn.' 

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

See Yvonne Strahovski Wrapped In Plastic [TV Guide Magazine Scan & Interview]

Did you ever imagine Yvonne Strahovski, wrapped in plastic? See above a scan from the latest issue of TV Guide Magazine with a short interview about Hannah, Dexter and more: "There's a deep connection. They're curious about each other and can relate to each other. Deeply." Click the scan above to enlarge.

Dexter - Episode 7.01 "Are You...?" - All New Promo

The Season 7 premiere of Dexter is only 5 days away! Watch below the third promo about episode 7.01 "Are You...?" which contains some new footage.