VIDEO: New 'Sons of Anarchy' Season 5 Trailer Includes Dexter's 'Miguel' and 'Mike Anderson'

The latest Sons of Anarchy Season 5 promo includes two Dexter stars. Jimmy Smits aka Miguel from Season 3 and Season 6's and 7's Billy Brown (Dt. Mike Anderson). Watch it below:

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  1. I tried to watch that show but ... nope

    1. I've seen 11 episodes, I thought it was good but I stopped for some reason. Will watch it sometime in the near future for sure.

    2. yeah . me too ... i watched the season 1 but... for some reason i keep watching Dexter all over again jejjejeje may be in the future too i'll watch it.. :D

  2. I guess this explains why Mike Anderson is being killed off?

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