Showtime Emmy Nominations 2012 [Video]

Check out Showtime's 2012 Primetime Emmy Nominations, including Dexter.

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  1. 4 seconds about Dexter! So bad!

  2. Dear god. News has died as of Comic-Con 2012.

  3. So Homeland is the star now.
    Don't care. MCH needs an Emmy for the one he was robbed on Season 4!

    1. lol take it easy. i'm disturbingly addicted to dexter but the last two seasons, especially the fifth one with maybe the exception of the first three episodes and teenage wasteland felt nothing like dexter. season 6 had some brilliant moments that felt close to home and some very disappointing ones, quite uneven season. so, yes, until season 7 compensates i don't see nothing wrong in homeland gaining some attention. claire danes and damian lewis rocked it.

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