The First Chapter of the NEW "Early Cuts: All In The Family" To Debut At This Year's Comic-Con

The new season of Dexter's "Early Cuts" premieres at this year's Comic-Con! It will be called "Early Cuts: All In the Family" (episode's 3.04 title) and it is narrated by Michael C. Hall!

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  2. ^edit. Okay so it is animation and it is telling us more of the Dexter Story? WHY? I wish the writer would focus on one project and not give us two half ass attempts

    1. Bree:

      Do you need a hug? :)

      Anyway - here is your "why"

      This "series" consists of three our four 5 minute episodes per season. It is a "promo" released on YouTube to stir up interest in the show. Essentially it's an advertisement for Dexter.

      The episodes are written by staff writers of the show, not show runners. It doesn't take anything away from the rest of the show. In fact, it probably helps them with the voice of the character.

      Gotta promote the show so they can pay MCH all those millions!


  3. Ah! Z Yes i do need a hug! Okay for some reason i thought they were attempting to make this another "simpsons" franchise... I get it now.. HOW FUN and rather a Creative ad campaign...

  4. And don't worry about them not being good, because all the previous webisodes have been great. The animations have more of a comic book feel, so they aren't cartoon looking.

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