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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Jennifer Carpenter's Tweet About the First Day of Shooting Season 7

Here's Jennifer Carpenter's tweet from the set of Dexter!


  1. you go girl!!!

  2. That just makes me feel all warm inside to be able to proclaim..."DEXTER is headed toward its seventh season." There's something special about a seventh season. Can't wait to see Jennifer Carpenter's beautiful self on my tv again this Fall. Oh, and Michael C. Hall's handsome self, too.

  3. I would just like to say to all three of the posters here ..THANK YOU!!! When I read this post I was sure expecting to scroll down and see a bunch of people crying and whining that they wanted more and boo hoo this and boo hoo that. Thank you all, and I agree I CAN NOT FREAKING WAIT for this season. I personally think the show has gotten better with each season and with some consistency in the showrunners seat, I have no doubt that this season will blow all of our minds. I'm ready.