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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

POLL: Favorite Dexter Villain So Far

Few days ago we posted a poll about your least favorite antagonist of Dexter, so far. Now take our new poll for your favorite villain so far. Vote below!


  1. Trinity, of course, would top the list. But also I think that LaGuerta would be my favorite villain, who knows what else she is doing behind the scenes that we don't know about yet! She took Matthews out this season....look out Deb! Although I think Deb could handle her!

  2. As for Matthews it's a pity that he probably won't show up again for the rest of the show. Really cool and interesting character. I've alwas enjoyed the beef between him and LaGuerta.

    As for villains - Brian Moser of course. The only one who was better than Trinity Killer (pretty much as the 1st Season was better than the 4th - in my opinion of course)

  3. Why isnt Doakes on the list?

  4. Surprise Motherf@$ker!!!

  5. 12:54

    Yea, I think there is a core of Dex fans who will always love the first season because it is closer to the book and "that" Dexter is darker and funnier.

    I am reading the 4th book of the series "Dexter By Design" right now and I am loving it. I just finished the chapter where Deb wakes up in the hospital from her coma, and her poor boyfriend of like two years is sitting by her side (as he has been for over a week) and she hardly recognizes him. She opens her eyes like "who are you" and then her first words are "Dexter". And then she is annoyed with her boyfriend for touching her, while she is wildly flailing her hand around for Dexter to hold it, and Dex is so dense he totally misses the situation. Then there is the scene at the hospital cafe' where Kyle (Deb's boyfriend) realizes that he is always going to be second place to Dex is just classic.

    Kyle (sipping his coffee dejectedly): "It's like she doesn't love me anymore."

    Dexter (internal monlogue): "I don't know why she ever loved you at all!"

    Man that would have been great to have in the show, it makes me sad that they killed that particular character (Lundy) off in the show.
    Fabulous stuff.

    Anyway, my point is... most of the book villains, even the weak ones like Brandon Weiss, are better than the show villains. I mean Trinity is good, but I thought Dr. Danko was WAY scarier. But then again you could never have Danko in the show, not even in cable because what he does to his victims is just to sick and disturbing to ever put on the screen. You would lose like half the audience who would be crawling to the bathroom to throw up, or slumping on their couches and screaming incoherently in horror if you actually showed what Danko did. Total X rating there. UGH!

    Scary shit in the books.

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  7. Doakes was my favorite actually

  8. Doakes was not a villain people!

  9. Doakes was not a villan (as above) he was a colleague who came close to finding out dexters secret, as for the best villan, trinity, no doubt.

  10. !!!SPOILER ALERT!!!!SPOILER ALERT!!!! (this comment contains spoilers)

    I say Brian. Though I personally don't consider him a villain really. I mean yea, Dex killed him in season 1 to protect Deb, but that's his brother ya know, and I don't think Dexter would consider Brian a villain to him. So then I'd obviously say Trinity. Trinity was such a psychotic mastermind. That scene close to the end of season 4 episode 12 when Dex has Trinity strapped to his table and he says "....I have a family too Arthur ..." and Trinity gives him that raised eyebrow look. It was so subtle and I didn't pay much attention to it at first until I saw what Trinity did and then I went back and watched that scene again. Amazing acting. "It's already over."

  11. I like most of the villains except for Lila, Miguel and the Skinner, but it's hard to top Trinity.