Brea Grant On Her Chances of Returning to Dexter

Via: Brea Grant about her chances to returns on the seventh season of Dexter.
I've got to ask about Dexter. I don't feel like your character, Ryan, had very good closure. Any chance you will be back this season?
I don't know. I would love to go back. I'm glad you said that - I didn't feel like my character had much closure either! Shows like Dexter I feel are a lot more "planned" than shows like Heroes. With Heroes, I was supposed to be there for two episodes, but they liked me, and I ended up doing 17. Dexter, they kind of always knew my character was going to go in episode four. I'd like to think that people love me and I became very memorable and they want to bring me back. I hope they bring me back.

I feel like there was such much in the air. Like, where were they going with all the Ice Truck Killer memorabilia?
I don't know. All I know is, as an actor, is that like, I'm on for four episodes then I'm out.

Is there anything else you are working on?
Always! I'm writing a slasher comic book with my brother for IDW. It's called Let's Play God.. It's our third comic book together. I have a couple movies coming out. One is a disaster-thriller called Beach War, and the other is called The Baytown Disco.

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  1. Seemed like they had no idea what they were doing with her character and all of a sudden she was gone. It would be pointless to bring her back now after they never gave her much of a story in the first place. She wasn't the only new lackluster character last season either..

  2. I had kind of thought that they had fired her and replaced her character with Louis at the last minute, seeing as though they both perform the same kind of function (intern with creepy enjoyment of serial killer memorabilia), and there was no obvious connection between Louis and Ryan, so really there is no reason why Louis couldn't have been the intern from the start and had the chance to build up his character a bit more.

    I was convinced all the way through season 6 that there would be some kind of connection revealed between Ryan and Louis, but now it just looks either like lazy writing or that the writers didn't like Brea Grant as an actress so went in a different direction at the last minute due to the big plans they obviously have for the intern character in the future.

  3. Till now the show has always been able to parlay sexual humor into something cool and really funny. But with Brea Grant, the humor was at it's crudest. Masuka staring at her swaying ass, all that overt cleavage - it just wasn't funny. I mean, her scenes came across as off-putting while Batista's demonstrations while advising Dexter to go down on Rita never did. Go figure.

  4. I surely agree. The writers didn't know where the character was going to lead to.

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