Showtime Dominates at the 69th Golden Globe Awards in an Ιnsignificant Ceremony for the Dexter Fans

The 69th annual Golden Globe Awards were held on Sunday night in Los Angeles at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, with Ricky Gervais serving as host for a third straight year. Showtime has cause to celebrate, with Homeland winning Best Drama and Best Actress in a Drama for Claire Danes, and Episodes’ Matt LeBlanc taking the award for Best Actor in a Comedy.

While it’s not uncommon for cable to walk away with arms full of Globes, the major broadcast networks were almost completely snubbed Sunday night in favor of cable offerings like Showtime’s Homeland, and Episodes. As we all know, unfortunately Dexter wasn't nominated for a Golden Globe, this year. We hope to see moments like this and this again in the future, because Dexter deserves it.

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  1. Dexter deserves every award possible everyone in the cast is amazing and they writers do a outstanding job!

  2. Dexter is the best show on tv period. its a shame, they tend to ignore the show at award cermonies. its certainly addictive. i re watch the seasons often. I never did like Homeland, would love to see it replaced by another show

  3. Anonymous above. Obviously u have never seen Breaking Bad?
    And it didnt win this year cos this season was terrible in comparison to first 4 and what ever else it was competing with this year.
    It has a link to when they won in 2009(?) for season 4, but it DESERVED to win then.
    If it brings back the quality of seasons 1-4(PLEASE! PLEASE!!!???) only THEN will it win major awards. Or perhaps not considering its lack of awards wins,even in its prime

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