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Friday, December 2, 2011

Dexter - Series Endgame Starts Sooner Than You Think

Via Entertainment Weekly: Spoiler Alert! When Showtime recently renewed Dexter for Season 7 & Season 8, fans wondered: Is this the beginning of the end for the acclaimed serial killer drama?

Though plans could still change, Showtime entertainment president David Nevins tells EW the working assumption is indeed that Dexter will conclude after the eighth season. Moreover, the creative endgame starts sooner than you think — the remaining episodes of the current sixth season will set into motion events that will resonate through the remainder of the series. Read more after the jump below...

“Coming back for two more years gives us clarity about how and when it will go out,” Nevins said at Showtime’s annual holiday party in Los Angeles on Thursday night. “There’s things that are going to happen [this season] that will set up a very clear endgame that will take two seasons to tell. You have got to be there for the last two episodes.”

Nevins pointed to NBC’s Friday Night Lights, which he developed and produced while running Imagine Entertainment, and how being given an end date allowed showrunner Jason Katims to craft a strong final act. “Having that definitiveness always helps,” Nevins said. “We were able to plot very clearly. It’s rare to have that degree of certainty.”

Asked if Dexter will therefore absolutely conclude in the eighth season, Nevins added, “I’m never going to say ‘never,’ but everybody is operating under that assumption. Things could take a turn creatively where they come to us and say they need more time.”

Meanwhile guests at the party sang the praises for Nevins’ freshman drama Homeland, which some consider the best new drama series of the fall. Nevins said he’s “excited and a little bit anxious” about the conclusion of the intense show’s first season. “It’s emotionally wrenching to the nth degree,” he said.

Some Dexter fans have been less enthusiastic about the show’s current storylines. But it sounds like the remaining hours of the hit drama this season — and Homeland as well — are not to be missed.


  1. I'm not even sad. I'm wickedly excited.

  2. I'm not sad either. I mean, Dexter is going to end in Season 8. Many good shows don't last for that long, and are cancelled without a proper ending. With Dexter, writers will have 2 seasons more to close everything, give us amanzing moments and then give the show the great ending it deserves. We will enjoy Dexter for 2 years more, and then have the chance to say goodbye. Honestly, 8 seasons is a good number to reach. Shows that last longer than that ususally become nothing but the shadow of what they were. 2 seasons more is time enough for writers to prepare everything to give Dexter an unforgettable ending.

  3. Alright this is nice to know, but I still dont understand what the purpose was of wasting the first 9 episodes of season 6 on NOTHING. The only things relevant to the endgame that have happened so far are Deb seeing a shrink and (possibly) Louis' introduction. The endgame should've started at the beginning of this season if it was gonna take 2 seasons to tell. When Dexter fans reflect on the series in its entirety two or three years down the road, season 6 will go down as the most pointless and least relevant of all seasons.

  4. @Anon Dec 2, 1:49 – Do you honestly think that the whole of season 6, let alone every season up till this point was somehow not playing into the endgame? For God’s sake, Deb was 10 feet away in Season 5 from finding out who her brother really is. Everything that has been said and done in the series can be considered a lead up to the series finale.

    I’m sorry you haven’t enjoyed this season, but I personally have found it to be a nice rebound from season 5. To say it has been a waste seems to me to be a little shortsighted. They’ve tied up the Trinity loose end, put pieces in place for the Deb/Dex reveal (Shady Lane pen, Deb exploring her relationship with Dex), introduced a killer with multiple personalities, and most importantly, they have introduced a wildcard in the interns. Not to mention that Brother Sam may go down in Dexter history as being one of the most liked characters on the show. Hell, Dexter even got a BJ at the start of the season!

    Long story short, it’s the sixth season…characters develop and become more three dimensional. Was it great when Deb was nothing more than a foul mouthed beat cop in the first season with aspirations of being a great detective?...absolutely! Is it great seeing Deb develop into a great foul mouthed Lt.?...absolutely! Is it great knowing that Showtime respects the show enough to give fair warning to the writers and actors to allow them to go out with a bang? YES! If you’re not happy with the show, stop watching it!


  6. To respond to 3:29:

    I never said anything about seasons 1-5 not playing into the endgame. While I also feel they could've done without season 5, in the writers' defense they needed to take some time (im not sure about a whole SEASON) to transition dexter to life without Rita. Lumen may also end up playing into the endgame, and as you mentioned, Deb "almost" catching Dexter (And more importantly, voicing that she was OK with vigilante-ism) were important pieces in the series.

    As for your defense of season six. They tied up the Trinity "loose end" in the most pathetic way possible. What purpose, exactly, did Brian serve there? And furthermore, how is that end even tied up! Jonah is still free and has knowledge of who "Kyle Butler" is! They accomplished nothing on that front. In regard's to Deb exploring her relationship with Dex, I mentioned that (her seeing the shrink) and I mentioned the intern - more specifically Louis - as well. Those are the ONLY TWO things that have been of any importance this season. Say what u want about Brother Sam, he played NO ROLE in this series other than to remind us of something we already know - that Dexter is capable of/wants to be good.

    As for the killer with multiple personalities... uh... who cares? His parallels to Dexter are greatly exaggerated - Dexter doesnt think Harry is alive, and Dexter doesn't kill people and not realize it or chain himself up in a church and think a dead guy did it - and I don't think im alone in saying he's the worst villain the show has ever seen. He makes me long for the days of Miguel Prado, much less Brian or Trinity or even Jordan effing Chase.

  7. I think Quinn will be toast

  8. To 4:03

    While it's fun to see Dextr strap someone to his table and have his way, the heart of the show is based around the psychology of a vigalante serial killer. Understanding the spiritual journey of human beings is incredibly important for Dexter...just like understanding how to love and every other normal experience human beings go through on a regular day. That is th show...seeing the world through a psychopath's eyes. More importantly, it's important for Dexter to relate to other individuals like him, just like it's important for normal people to relate to others with similar interests. So say what you want about Travis, Dexter is going to be intrigued by his mental state and it will be very important for Dexter to understand Travis' thought process for his own well being.

    As for Trinity...I would also says it's tied up. Jonah killed his Mother. Dexter killed Jonah's Dad. Eye for an eye...they will not rat on one and other. Case closed...with that said, there is always the possibility that Quinn starts his Kyle Butler search again which could play into the end game.

    As for Brother Sam not playing a role in Dexter's character development...I'm really not going to even get into it. I think the majority of Dexter fans would disagree and a whole other post could be devoted to the importance of Brother Sam to Dexter, and to the series as a whole.

  9. @4:30
    Brother Sam was a great character but so far Dexter hasn't learned a god-damned thing from him. If he did, he would've stopped killing. He'd be trying to get Travis mental help and out him to Miami Metro, not trying to kill him and keep him under wraps so he can get to him before Deb.

    Dexter had 0 character development in season 5, and so far very little in season 6. Show's just spinning its wheels. I'm glad to hear that its ending though. We'll finally have a solid 2-season stretch again.

  10. if you don't like this season THEN STOP FUCKING WATCHING THE SHOW ALREADY AND PLEASE SHUT THE FUCK UP AND STOP POSTING STUPID NEGATIVE COMMENTS THAT NO ONE HERE WANTS TO READ!!!!! You are clearly in the minority because the ratings this season have been consistently high, so feel free to piss off and go watch something else already. But no, you won't do that, you will come on here and complain and piss and moan about how this season has been pointless and then you will be right there Sunday watching Dexter, just to come right back here and piss and complain some more. NO ONE CARES .....FUCK OFF ALREADY!!!!

    To all TRUE Dexperts: I apologize for the rant and especially the cussing but these haters really annoy the crap outta me. I swear I don't get them at all. Why continue to watch a show that you do nothing but complain about? I mean really? I say, if they want to whine so much then write your own show and go have it produced. But they won't because it would be a piece of shit. But I'm very excited about the last 3 episodes and looking forward to the next 2 seasons. I just hope they keep Scott Buck as showrunner. He is THE MAN!!!!

  11. I'm going to go ahead and ignore JessieJames because at my age responding to a tantrum-throwing twelve year old feels akin to trying to communicate with an animal. Anyways,

    to 4:30:

    What did Brother Sam teach Dexter or the viewers that he/we don't already know? Hasn't the whole "Dexter has a "light" in him" been played to the extreme at this point? They went at it with Rita, Lumen, and through Harrison, and at this point it's just played out. Mos Def did an awesome job with what he was given but to me he was supposed to be the anti-Gellar this season, and since Gellar was a complete flop and a useless plot device I feel like the same now applies to Brother Sam.

    As for Travis: What can Dexter possibly learn from Travis? "Oh, I better make sure i don't become a delusional schizophrenic and think that Harry and/or Brian are really alive and killing people when its really me". Travis isn't similar to Dexter at ALL. The similarities begin and end with the fact that theyre both serial killers who have SLIGHT physical similarities. Sure, they threw in that Travis has a sister kind of like Dexter does, but what is this supposed to teach Dex/the viewers.... That one day he might kill Deb? Ya, not buying it.

    I agree that this series is about the psychology of a vigilante but... season 6 (and to a lesser extent, season 5) have really not shown an evolving Dexter and have given us nothing we haven't seen before. The end game should've started last season. This whole Gellar/Travis thing will be reflected on as a massive waste of time down the road.

  12. @Jessie James.
    I see your posts eveyr week, even as a competely devoted fan myself, u fucking creep me out lol. What a nutjob. Fans are actually able to critcise and critque the show u know??? Like i said, i am an absolutely massive fan, but even i have qualms with the past 2 seasons, and i should,as well as the rest of the millions of fans this show has, be able to voice those disappointments without being verbally abused by a whacko such as yourself. Have something constructive to say, or fuck off.

  13. 6:26

    I disagree. I feel like this season has definitely established an extremely dark and disturbing vibe into the series, something that will likely consist into the later seasons. I also find the Travis and Gellar plot to be very unique, even if it does seem like a distraction. And with three episodes to go, you can't be certain that Dexter WON'T learn anything from these events. In fact, he's already has learned a great deal this season, specifically from Brother Sam. Upon failing to forgive nick per Sam's request, Dexter learned that it's too late for him to abandon his Dark Passenger. However, this did lead him to realize that he can help others get rid of their own, similar to how he helped Lumen last season.

    What many fans fail to see is that ever since Season 4, Dexter is becoming much less selfless. He's putting his life on the line for others and considering his values, not to mention what he wants to pass on to his son: The traits a good Samaritan. And with every new season, he's learning from his mistakes. You can't possibly deny that.

    Now don't be quick to assume that he absolutely must learn a moral lesson out of Travis' situation. Because no, he doesn't HAVE to learn anything from the villain. It's the season's theme in general that he'll have to learn from. Travis is now his obstacle. How will Dexter deal with it? We can't say for sure until the finale.

    I honestly don't think it's best to judge this season until:

    1. It's concluded.
    2. You consider everything that's happened in a deep and thorough analysis, not to mention others' opinions.
    3. Hey, it's better than NO Dexter at all! :)

  14. i agree with jessie james. This is a fan site and not a complain site. Dexter has been a bit slow this season but it is quite enjoyable. I think we may see more of jonah and brian in the upcoming episodes.

  15. I also, somewhat agree with Jessie, though I don't really want to descend into cursing people to get my view across.

    As I have said before, as long as there is Dexter and Deb interacting - I am good with the show. I don't even care if they just sit on the couch in Dexter's apartment and drink beer and B.S. for an entire season. It's those two actors and the characters they play that draw me into the show, not kill rooms, or villains, or crime scenes. As all great writers and producers of a show always say "It's the characters stupid!"

    I truly believe Travis killing his own sister is going to be the catalyst for Dexter opening up to Deb and letting her in, just like I think that Deb's recent revelations on the psychiatric couch about how much she loves her brother are going to be the plot point that allows us to understand that she could never turn him in. This will open up the show in so many ways. How does Deb deal with this on a day to day basis?

    I think this cop from Chicago is going to be the new Doakes. The guy is good, way better than Quinn, and better than Doakes as well. He is smart, and he is in control. Dexter will need help from his sister to keep ahead of this guy.

    That's what I see coming...

  16. The true Dexpert jessie strikes again! Who never has anything constructive to say about the show and its plots and instead just praises whatever garbage the writers throw at us. This is a forum jack, a blog, not a fan site. People are allowed to dissect the show if they wish, just like you are allowed to continue to tell people to fuck off when someone says the truth about how bad they think this season is. Face it, the last two seasons have been nowhere near as good as 1-4, and that's just the truth. Who the fuck do you think you are? You fraud

    That being said, Deb is going to realize that she's in love with her brother. Creepy, right? Watch for it, Im coming back in two weeks when I'm right.

  17. 9:59

    That last part of your comment . . . I'm sorry but that's highly unlikely, not to mention sickening, for numerous reasons. However, I won't list through them unless you're really serious about something that disgusting.

    If anything, her therapist will suggest that Deb stalk her brother or something along those lines. She's got to find out about Dex soon, right? I think that she's subconsciously found the incentive to suspect her brother.

  18. Anon at 10:45 They are foster siblings, not blood related. It's not that uncommon of a story for foster siblings to fall in love and even marry. Is it peculiar? Yes. Disgusting? That's going a bit far. There is no DNA relation. Even in strict religions such as Islam, Judaism, and Orthodox Christianity - it usually states that foster siblings may marry as long as they have no parent in common.

    Yes, it's obvious there are romantic feelings, but that's probably because of the actors and their history, and the writers have responded and played around with it. Their first season together in the pilot in that hotel room when she is in her hooker suit, the way she looks at him is just pure puppy love, it makes me laugh. But THAT is Jennifer and Michael flirting on set, they are falling for each other right there. That was one of the things that developed on accident, it was not there in the book. For example, in season one the thing they changed from the book is Brian having a relationship with Deb, that just wasn't there. He kidnapped her, but she was a stranger to him. Deb falling in love with Brian, who is Dexter's ACTUAL blood brother, and who is supposed to "look and act" like Dexter in personality and mannerisms, is the clincher. Deb responds to Brian immediately - she cries when she is with him, why? Because he reminds her of Dexter who is the person she really loves.

    These writers are good. Very clever stuff.

    But this is all subtext.

    Deb worships her brother, we get that. Is it going to go past that? No way. It's just going to stay where it is. It's the replacement for the "unrequited love story" that most series subsist on.

  19. 11:57

    You make a persuasive point. Plus, I completely overlooked the fact that they are not biologically related. My apologies.

  20. Deb isn't in love with Dexter. He is her "safe place" and look at all of the other men she felt "safe" with. I think Deb will figure out something major by the seasons end

  21. Anonymous 4:14

    You do understand what "subtext" means, right?

  22. Anonymous at 10:45

    Although I agree that it would be weird if the therapist suggested that Deb is in love with Dex, to me it seems even weirder if the therapist suggests that she stalks him. Therapists would suggest confrontation, because if say Deb did stalk her brother, then that could easily lead to misunderstandings.

    On another note (to any poster), I absolutely adore the show! I feel like any season seems so much better when you've seen ALL twelve episodes, so if you don't like this season so far, have a little faith! :)

  23. I apologize for the rants ...I just get so sick of hearing morons complain incessantly. It's like one person said on here a few days ago, it's like complaining about Dexter has become "cool". I just don't understand why if people have so much negative crap to say about a show, then why do you keep watching it? That is just ignorant. As for other replies, I can talk points of the show, and debate things about the show with the best of them, I just let my emotions get the best of me on a few occasions. But now I realize that I was wrong to rant and curse like that. So onto the show. I think this season has been amazing. Scott Buck has shown he has what it takes to lead this show. I feel like the DDK plot has been very interesting, even though it has been slow at points. The best thing about this season is watching the change in dynamic between Deb and Dexter, but I really loved Brian coming back into the picture, and while some say it was pointless, I thought it was great to see Dexter cut loose a little bit, MCH and Christian have an amazing chemistry on screen. They should have kept it by the book with Brian, and left him alive at the end of season 1. I can't wait to see the last 3 episodes of this season, I think we are going to see Deb find out some version of what Dexter really is. I think we will see her walk in on Dexter killing Travis, and the look on her face and the look on Dexter's face will be the final scene of the season.

  24. 10:10

    At last, words of wisdom!

  25. A much closer relationship between Deb and Dexter would be very interesting to watch. What I really missed from the previous seasons was this deep connection. Dexter did pretty much nothing from season 2 to season 6 but to listen to Deb and said nothing. It was very annoying. But I don't see how this would work between them. Dexter is still a soulless Monster. He hasn't really changed anything from season 1 and with this religious journey he just became even more scarier. And now Dexter is working against Debra. If she cannot catch the doomsday killer(s), she might as well say goodbye to her new liutenant job.

  26. Jessie

    I think we've all been guilty of losing it on the internet at one time or another. I've found that whenever I am dealing with someone who is not willing to listen to reason, and just wants to rant about a show - it's best to tune them out. Don't let the get to you.

    There are issues with the show, but I think people don't always see what they are, and tend to pick on things that are "bugging them" rather than the things that have changed that they don't notice. Dexter not having a family has put more of the story on other cast members who are not as "connected" to Dexter Morgan. This takes us "away" from Dexter, which hurts the show a little.

    I still love the show, but it's more on Deb's shoulders now. She is the last real connection Dexter has.

    I get that teen actors are difficult to have on set on such an adult show, and having Dexter as a single dad of three kids is a writer's nightmare as far as logistics, but Astor and Cody just being "out" of Dexter's life seems awkward after four years of developing them in Dexter's life. Not even mentioning them, not even having him on the phone with them... is just a bizarre choice, one that I avidly disagree with. Not to mention that they are "foundation" characters, and such rich opportunities arise from being able to cash in on all the development that went on in previous seasons.

    My single favorite episode of season 5, was "Teenage Wasteland" and what was that about? Dexter having to deal with a teenage daughter. We have real terror that the bad guys might get her, we laugh hysterically when Dexter and Astor are on the coach and he notes that she is "winning", and we were all extremely satisfied watching Dex beat the snot out of Barry.

    One of the most satisfying aspects of the show is when Dexter's domestic world makes contact with his monster. All kinds of things can happen, like Rita being shocked when Dexter beats someone up, or random mundane antagonists who have no clue what they are dealing with, feel the wrath of the Dexter the Dark Avenger!

    Removing Dexter's family, and leaving him only with a tiny child that cannot comprehend any of this stuff - takes all those moments of revelation away. Now there is nobody in Dexter's life who can be surprised or startled by what he can do.

    The only moment we had like that this year, was the garage scene with brother Sam. As much as I liked Moss Def, he was a new character so the impact was diminished. Had Dexter taken someone apart like that in front of, say, Astor, or Deb, or Cody, it would have been so much more satisfying because it's a payoff for all those years invested in them thinking he is just a lab geek.

    Which is why I am begging for a moment this season when he does something very "Dark Dexter" in front of Deb. This could be the fun part about her finding out, is that she gets to see just how badass her brother is, that he is not at all the mild mannered nerd, that he's "Batman with a Butcher Knife"

    Ah, the possibilities.

    I think this season could wind up being better than 3 or 5, but we will see how it plays out.

  27. I want Deb to end up as a lesbian, now that would also tie together with other facts/clues like the other stuff did so far! hahaha

    and by the way, I don't wanna be a tight-ass critique like other users here or try to predict and stuff. although guessing is fun sometimes. geez. just relax and enjoy the seasons. I'll wait till the end to judge. 8 seasons in total sound good to me.


  28. If you are going to watch a show about a vigilante serial killer and his inner struggle for humanity, and make posts about it on the board, you can probably expect deep conversations.

    My suggestion:

    If you don't want tight ass critiques, there is always Gilligan's Island, and if you want to watch lesbians, there was another Showtime series called the L Word that ran for 6 seasons. It's actually not bad for a soap opera.

  29. that's your problem. you take everything too seriously. like the answer you just gave. I like deep conversations but there is a difference between deep conversations being made on a fictional show like Dexter, the Robin Hood serial killer or summat. and I understand they can exist and I appreciate that fact but you have to chill out a bit and accept that satira exists too. And on a more serious note because I have been a good fan of the show, Deb would kind of make sense ending up with a woman too. I don't know what Gilligan's Island is, it sounds pretty boring. Anyway, I've watched the L word and I didn't like it as much as I like Dexter. Dexter thrills me and I appreciate it for both of its intense storyline and it's little light funny moments like the latin music combination with the killings and characters like Masuka etc etc. No further comments.

  30. Anon at 5:29

    You say lighten up, and then you get all serious and worked up on me when I make a little joke. ;) C'mon now, you can't have it both ways!

    I also think you need to stop trying to get into my head! You have to understand. I am a guy who works as a photographer in real life. I specialize in glam photography - you know, Maxim, FHM, Stuff, Playboy, et. My work days consist of trying to make conversations with 18 to 25 year old girls about their boyfriends, their clothes, where they are going to party tonight, and all other sorts of fluff.

    Being able to actually talk in multiple syllables is a HUGE release! So I enjoy the hell out of these Dexter blogs!

    Perhaps you need to understand, that "intelligent" conversation does not always equate to "serious" conversation. There is no time when I am typing on this blog when I am not having a good time talking about this stuff, it's really the only reason I post because it's fun to discuss this minutia, it's part of being a fan, and for me, a way to keep my sanity and discourse with people I can relate too.

    I too enjoy the lighter moments of Dexter. In fact my one chief complaint about this season is that there hasn't been enough funny stuff. It is, after all, and "absurd" show - but that doesn't mean we have to have conversations at grade school or kindergarten level.


  31. I wonder if brother Sam will make another appearance in the way that dex sees harry...and what's the deal with Louis? I think he and dexter are somehow connected, either he's his long lost brother or the ITK's son...I know all these theories seem a little far fetched but you never know...and as for this season being a little boring, have faith...the writers never disappoint ...the next 3 episodes I'm sure will be the best yet

  32. 6:37

    I would be surprised if there is any "relation" it just wouldn't make any sense for a reveal at this point.

    Probably he is just an obsessed rich guy intent on blackmailing Dexter.

  33. Having an ending in sight is the best thing for a show that can be as great as DEXTER can be. Also, fans aren't going to just quit watching a show like DEXTER, no matter what their complaints are. They will continue watching because they want to see the resolution. After the first four seasons, how could you expect someone not to be curious about where the show is going?

    I have complaints about these past two seasons, as well, but I think the show has still been good enough to keep my attention. The show still has a lot of possibility to surprise us, and that is a very good reason to keep watching. Also, we are pretty much guaranteed a strong performance by the cast, even if the writing isn't particularly thrilling. The main cast will at least make it entertaining, because they're still the same characters we have grown to care a great deal about over the years.

    I think some fans of the show who seem to do nothing but complain, would agree that the positive still outweighs the negative. The overall show is still a pleasure to watch, and none of us feels gulity about that, either. A gulity pleasure is supposed to be something you are somewhat afraid to admit. I am more than willing to delare my love of this show, and I am grateful that we have two more years to invest in the story and its interesting characters.

    It would be a mistake for to to not recognize the great post that Anonymous (December 3rd @ 2:49) made. There are many things in that post that I haven't really thought about, and I find that I agree with most of what that poster said. We have just gotten used to Dexter being the All-American Family Man, and witnessing him keeping his dark secrets from those that love him. That was just a very special aspect of the show when Dexter's family would see him as a harmless lab geek. It just felt like Dexter was letting us in-on his true feelings and urges. In a way, it made us (the audience) feel like accomplices, because Dexter shares everything with us in his inner-monologues. The narration is really the only way we are able to connect and identify with Dexter. That narration is part of what makes the show so great, and that is something that will never change.

    Lastly, Change can be great for a series and give it new life, but a show must keep some familiarity, or it will completely alienate its fans. For me, the show hasn't strayed too far from what I originally loved about the series, and that is another reason why I will never quit watching. I think two more seasons is very reasonable to allow for the writers to give us a proper ending.

  34. Brian showing up was not pointless. Dexter killed nick in a fit of rage. Brian represents that side of dexter. The whole point of Nebraska was to watch dexter cope with the darker side of what he could become. That's why it was Brian instead of Harry.

  35. Thanks Nicholas, I appreciate your insights as well, especially what you said about the audience being "Dexter's Accomplices".

    One more thing I want to say to a poster above. The whole idea that Deb would ever stalk or hunt Dexter is not going to work.

    Nobody believed Doakes because Doakes always hated Dexter. Deb however, has always adored her brother and protected him. Everyone knows this. So if she suddenly suspected Dexter, the entire world would suspect him and it would be over in a heartbeat.

    The only believable way that Deb could ever hunt Dexter, is if he was caught and went on the run. And let me ask everyone here, would you really want a rehash of "The Fugitive" for the last two seasons of the show? That would take the show too far away from its roots.

    Nope, the only way for the show to work going forward, is that Deb finds out, and becomes a member of our club, "the accomplices". ;)

  36. i'm a big fan of dexter!!! to me, season 4 and 1 were the best ever on dexter's history.

    to me, season 5 was better than this season 6.
    i loved brother sam, and seeing brother bryan back was amazing!!!!! i just wish it would've been for longer. when it somes to gellar, and Travis, i had seen it comming, soo... it wasnt that exciting. i think that along the series, the first episodes had no relevant content, in comparison to season 5, lumen was exciting every episode! :) i love dexter, this is just my opinion! =D ohhh, and i want to see debra and that psichologist togeter wuhuuuu can you imagine that???? ahahha HOT