Dexter - Episode 6.10 “Ricochet Rabbit” - Official Synopsis

Click the link below to read the official synopsis of tomorrow night's episode of Dexter, 6.10 "Ricochet Rabbit"...

Dexter tries to figure out the Doomsday Killers' next victim before it's too late; Debra has a strong reaction to a crime scene, which leads her to the realization that she leans too heavily on her brother. Duration 50 min.

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  1. I think it’s cute that Deb loves her brother so much but agree that maybe she needs to be more independent. I thought this episode was great but almost missed it. Thankfully, I work for DISH so I knew I would be able to setup a recording at the last minute through DISH Online. I love DISH Online and use it to watch a bunch of shows On Demand all the time so am very familiar with it. I was glad I didn’t miss it because the new info on Gellar is a big game-changer. Do you think Louis is on to Dexter or just idolizes him?

  2. i started to get disappointed with the episode when it started, but after 10 mins or so, i was at the edge of my seat again. i love how dexter never lets me down. amazing show!

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