POLL: Do You Think Brother Sam Will Survive?

In the final scene of episode 6.05 "The Angel of Death" we see a shadowy figure shoot Brother Sam when he walks into his auto shop. Do you think he will survive? Vote below!

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  1. I sure hope he survives; the dynamic between Brother Sam and Dexter has been one of my favorite things about this season so far.

  2. If he was going to die, I think he'd died instantly.

  3. He sure has a special bond with Dexter and the fact he is an ex-convict killer makes him understand Dexter on a level no one in the show does. What I don't understand is why that dog didn't attack the one who shot Sam?And that makes me think it's because the one who shot Sam was a familiar face to the dog.Therefore someone from the autoshop.What do you guys think?

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