Michael C. Hall Interview On Rove LA [VIDEOS]

Michael C. Hall on Rove LA. The interview aired on October 31st and it was uploaded yesterday! Click the link below to watch it!

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  1. Oh wow hah hah. The only problem I have is that the audio is all out of sync with the interviews.

  2. These are great interviews.

    "I was living in New York. I had some time to...kill. Sorry." - MCH

    "What is Satan's last name?" - LL Cool J

    LL: "Have you ever purposely missed your feet?"
    MCH: "....No."

  3. Those were too funny!

  4. Thank you for uploading these videos! ♥ MCH

  5. That looks like a pretty cool show. Michael C Hall always looks like he would have a wicked sense of humor! Probably tamed for TV.

  6. was a great episode great show :) ROVE LA i was hoping he would have MCH on and he did :)

  7. Thought you guys might be interested in this jucy interview with Michael C Hall by BULLETT. The pics are awesome!


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