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Question: I’m still mourning the death of Brother Sam on Sunday’s Dexter. Not sure what my question is, except, well, why did they have to kill him off? I was enjoying the idea of Dexter having a friend. —Will
Ausiello: According to exec producer Scott Buck, it served the greater good. “Brother Sam is someone we wanted to bring in who had a very positive effect of Dexter,” he explains. “For him to be killed in such a hurtful way — especially when Dexter had finally learned to trust someone and have them believe that there was light in him — and then the lose that person in such a violent and meaningless way… will have a lifelong impact on Dexter and who he continues to become.”

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  1. Travis' sister worked at a school, I bet it's the same school Harrison goes to and one day Dexter and Travis are gonna bump into each other there.

  2. I wish Brother Sam came back as a ghost too, so Dexter could have Brain as a bad side and Sam as his good conscience.

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