Edward James Olmos Dishes on Dexter 6.09 “Get Gellar”

Via latina.com: Do not read on if you haven't seen episode 6.09 "Get Gellar" of Dexter!

On Sunday night's episode of Showtime's hit serial killer drama Dexter, it was revealed that Edward James Olmos' character Professor Gellar—who viewers thought was this season's big bad—has been dead all along, and merely a product of his "disciple" Travis' (Colin Hanks) imagination.

We caught up with the Oscar-nominated Mexican actor ("Stand and Deliver") to talk about Sunday's jaw-dropping episode, how he feels about Professor Gellar ending up in the cooler, and why the story line was kept secret from the cast and crew.

We were surprised to see you dead in a cooler on Sunday night's episode! How are you feeling?
Very good! I hope everybody understands that I never did anything—I was never there.

So Professor Gellar isn't a bad guy at all?
No. He had nothing to do with anything that happened—that’s the whole idea. Read the full interview after the jump below...

Is the show going to explain Gellar's relationship with Travis any further?
Yeah, of course. The next episode is all about that!

Will we find out when Gellar died?
Oh yeah. You'll find out a lot. I shouldn’t tell you too much—I don't want to blow the next one, you know? No one knew anything—it was all kept from...even the actors.

When you first read the script and learned Gellar was dead, what did you think?
I didn't read the script. The reaction came because I demanded to know exactly what I'd be doing and I met secretly with the producers and they outlined the exact understanding of what we were going to go through. I said, 'well, OK, let's try it." And the whole understanding needed to be that nobody would know—not the directors, not the cast, not the crew. Nobody. Nobody knew.

Nobody except you!

Wow! Did that make you feel really special?
Of course! {Laughs}. It's the only way to create that level of understanding. When Dexter sees me in the cooler, that's the first time he's actually seeing me. That's the only time we ever worked together—that's the only thing we ever did, and I never really saw him because I'm in the cooler and I'm dead. So we have no relationship together whatsoever.

Do you know if we'll be seeing Gellar's former teaching assistant Carissa Porter (Mariana Klaveno) again? She seemed like she was hiding something...
I'm not sure. That's a good question.

What was it like shooting those really dark scenes with your co-star Colin Hanks?
It was great! I gotta tell you, it was very, very well established and very well thought through. The writing on the show is the reason I did it—quite interesting all the way around!

Source: latina.com

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  1. I remember when Olmos was in GOOD productions, like Blade Runner.

    This season has been miserable so far. Ever since episode 7 its been downhill.... Please prove me wrong, Ep 10!

  2. ^ if you haven't liked the season so far (and neither have I), episode 10 won't make a big difference. It is pretty much all about Gellar and Travis' relationship... and honestly... who even cares at this point. Travis is crazy, he killed Gellar, just like we've pretty much all known all season. Surprise.

  3. This, in my opinion, is how to set up season 7 and save Dexter from its 2-year slump. It involves our new friend Louis:

    He and Ryan both grew up in the same institution as Brian, and saw him as an older brother. When they all moved on, they became suspicious as Brian disappeared. They realize he had been found out as a killer and was dead, and decide to investigate. Eventually they're lead to the little brother Brian had always talked about...

    Louis becomes an Ice Truck Killer copy cat.
    Ryan becomes a Bay Harbour Butcher copy cat.

    this forces dexter out from the shadows

  4. Personally, I've enjoyed this season. There are only a few things I would've changed, such as letting the audience in that Gellar wasn't real instead of just making it so obvious and then not tell us til now. It's just really sad how hard they worked on keeping it a secret from the whole cast and such when it wasn't shocking in the least bit by that point. Especially how much work Olmos had to do when interacting with other actors without telling them (such as the girl Travis liked). Anyways, this season has been much more interesting than Season 5 or 3. That's good enough for me.

  5. Ok seriously. If people have a so much of problem that they've already 'realised' Gellar wasn't real - before the last episode - and dislike the this series because of the 'bad writing' because they knew before hand, big woop-di-doo. Don't like it anymore? Simples. Don't watch the show.

    @7:37pm Interesting theory. Something is way off with Louis.

  6. @#killer

    Its not that Gellar's reveal was obvious from episode 2 (it was, though).

    Its that the entire DDK plot is boring. Brother Sam and eisode 7 were great. Because they didn't involve DDK.

  7. Ive said it before and I'll say it again ....if you don't/haven't liked this season or last ...THEN PISS OFF and stop watching it already. Please just go watch Glee or some other mediocre crap and leave Dexter alone already. You haters trip me out. You COULDNT do any better (and this season has been the best so far btw) so just shut up!!!! We won't miss you at all. It is VERY clear you are the minority in this equation because the ratings have been very high all season long, so do us true Dexperts a favor and fuck off already. I know I for one am very tired of hearing you piss and moan about it. I know if I had that much complaining to do about a show, I would have stopped watching it a long time ago, yet you idiots keep on watching show after show and then come on here and complain and complain and complain. MORONS, THE LOT OF YOU.

  8. No, this season is not the best so far (because it hasn't even aired all 12 episodes yet), that would be s1 and 2. And the ratings will get higher every season coming as alot more people are watching now as opposed to back when s1 was airing. It's logical.

  9. @JessieJames

    Where is this knee-jerk reaction even coming from? Dexter fans, who deserve to see how the series ends for their long-time loyalty, are somewhat disappointed with seasons 5 and to a lesser extent 6. They don't have a right to an opinion? They don't get to see how their beloved characters reach the end of the series?

    What kind of logic is this? Why would a Dexter fan want another Dexter fan to stop watching the show? You're telling me you've never had a problem with season 5 and 6? Sorry, but some fans just hold Dexter to a higher standard than the ones that give it a free pass on 5 and 6. And why would we watch Glee? Its worse than Dexter. The whole point of what we're saying is that we don't want subpar television. Your comment would make more sense if you told us to go watch Breaking Bad, or The Wire. Shows that never really dropped in quality.

  10. @7:37PM Who's Ryan?

  11. First of all, let me say that there is nothing wrong with expressing your subjective opinion. It doesn’t make it gospel...just like what I’m writing now could have zero impact on anyone.

    With that said, I do need to speak up when I hear people that don’t quite grasp the creative process of making a TV show. The writer/producer’s choice of only letting Olmos in on the “secret” was not to build suspense for the actors/directors!! It was so they wouldn’t be influenced to act/direct a certain way which would compromise the overall feeling of the season. While I’m not an actor, I can understand how it would be difficult for C. Hanks to act with Olmos had he known that he was talking to a character that was in his own head. Sure, Michael C. Hall can pull that off when he’s talking to “Harry”…but the character of Dexter is well aware that he is talking to part of himself. This is not the case for the Travis character who has no idea that he’s a major head case.

    I also feel sorry for people that think the writers were trying to trick us by waiting so long to tell us about the true nature of Gellar. The only person that should be surprised by Gellar’s non-existence is the character of Dexter. Much like how Rudy the Ice Truck Killer was known to the viewer well before it was revealed to Dexter. Props to you if you were onto the Gellar twist after episode 2 or 3, but don’t think you outsmarted the writers just yet. Have a little faith and think about the big picture…i.e. plot development for next season and the season after. Like any good writing, the pieces to the puzzle are in place well before the overall climax and that little tid bit that seemed to be nothing at the time could be a game changer. Good writing thrives on making mountains out of mole hills.

    Cheers Dexter lovers!

  12. The very fact that so many people didn't cotton on to Gellar being dead makes me wonder how much better the entire experience must have been for them. It's not a crime not to have watched "Fight Club" or "Sixth Sense" after all. In fact, I kinda envy them. Inspite of having watched both these movies, the possibility of Gellar being dead didn't occur to me after watching Episodes 3 & 4. It was FB and IMDB that kinda spoiled me and that's my fault.

  13. @JessieJames

    Jessie I agree with you fully. There has been times I have read you posts and got the feeling you just wanted to bitch and moan, but that is the only way to get the point across to these dumb asses. Like Jessie says "go watch Glee or some shit and fuck off!!! LEAVE THE DEXTER SITE TO TRUE DEXTER FANS!!!!

  14. I think we can all agree that season 6 is far better than 5.

  15. @RYAN

    Being a Dexter fan does not mean I have to adore a dull season in an otherwise great series. I don't have to love EVERYTHING they do. Just the good stuff that reminds me why I love the show. Thats what being a TRUE fan is all about. TRUE fans don't let their fandom blind them from appreciating the series for what it is.

  16. Any feelings on what LaGuerta is going to do to Deb? I feel that this will be the piece that will tie this season to the next. Thoughts?

  17. First of all, I love the show. Secondly, I saw this "twist" coming from a mile away. It wasn't shocking at all. I do, however, have great hopes about the rest of the season. Louis (the intern) is going to be involved HEAVILY. I also believe that Deb's pychiatrist is involved. She may be a victim but is involved. Her face was in the last painting looking down on the suffering people. I've watched the previews of the next episode closely. Just after she asks Deb if Dexter is her "safe place" her face is in a close-up. It suddenly shows the painting very quickly and it's her face on it. Also, the intern got Dexter to use a different search engine so he could have been tracking Dexters cpu usage. He's been in Dexters apartment and work space. Somehow he got the ITK hand after the blonde intern stole it and HASN'T BEEN SEEN OR HEARD SINCE. Think of all the little things they threw in for no obvious reason (search engine is a prime example) other than to tie things up later. They are also obviously drawing parallels between Travis and Dexter. They both have "dark passengers" that only they see and converse with, they both have no one other than their sister, the sister sees them as distant and so on. By dealing with Travis, Dexter is resolving his own issues.
    I will say that the writing has gotten a bit sloppy though. It seems like the devices to get from one seen to another are stupid. Dexter having a pen from the Hotel in Nebraska (where he killed a guy) just laying in his bag? C'mon! He never would've been so dumb before. Also, the professors assistant will probably come back.

  18. Ok so I get both sides of the debate. Some fans love the Gellar reveal and others claim it was weak b/c they saw it coming a 'mile away'. Coo! So those of you who are complaining about this season, remember you are on a site devoted to Dexter, at least have some restraint on your complaining. Look at the poll results for the predictalbe vs. surprise, there are more fans who were surprised! (last i checked, unless that has changed haha). I bet there are more fans that love this season than those who dont. Im surprised John(blog Staff) hasnt opened up a thread for complainers! Lol. My thing is just dont linger on the complaints, maybe just start your own Dexter S6 Daily News Complaint Blog?

    By the way, this thread was about Eddie Olmos interview. He has given, as always a great performance as a crazy Gellar. Its coo! to question if Gellar was alive would of he done what Traivs has committed. Maybe thats why he is dead cause he didnt want to follow Travis snd so Travis killed him?

    Ohh and those of you who find Breaking Bad as a flawless show that does no wrong. Ok, so Im not a fan but I watched a couple of episodes this season and last. AND it was soooo predictable that Gus was gona die! (and other predictable things) I saw that coming a mile away! To me there is no such thing as a flawless TV show (pls dont bring up Mad Men).

  19. Please just have LaGuerta do something dumb so that Dexter can put her on the operating table! Her character is so annoying (as is Quin)!

  20. I don't think this season is as good as 1,2,4, or maybe even 3, but as long as Morgan siblings are roaming Miami, count me in.

    I could watch this show even if every episode went like this:

    Episode 1 - Dexter and Deb meet for coffee and donuts

    Episode 2 - Dexter and Deb go out to lunch

    Episode 3 - Dexter and Deb cook steaks

    Episode 4 - Dexter and Deb drink beer on the couch

    and so on...

  21. I agree with Jesse and NeatMonster. I also ADORE the comment about..well the portion about you would watch anything involving Dexter and Deb! LOVE THEM BOTH! Thank goodness Rob V isn't on this thread.

  22. I don't think Gellar is completely innocent here. Just by the sketches in his journal, we can tell Gellar was planning something. The journal was in Carissa Porter's possession the entire time -- meaning, the journal was written by Gellar himself. He may have been killed by Travis because he never meant to follow through on those plans, but he must have been a charismatic person while he was alive and had a major influence on Travis. Of course, being charismatic is nothing out of the ordinary for a professor.

    Well, now that I read through my first paragraph, I guess Gellar is innocent of any wrong doing. Travis was his student and just took his lessons much too literally. I pretty much just negated everything I just said in my first paragraph, but it is interesting to consider both angles. Was Gellar evil, or just another misunderstood eccentric? The latter seems more likely to me now. Gellar just took a different approach when teaching, but Travis' distorted mind couldn't cope with Gellar's ideas. Travis has seemed to latch onto Gellar's theories like they were cold-hard facts. When Gellar refused to continue seeing Travis during his off-hours, Travis must have become enraged and killed the professor with the ancient, stolen sword.

  23. @Nicholas M. Denoyer you said:
    "I pretty much just negated everything I just said in my first paragraph, but it is interesting to consider both angles."

    Thats hilarious and I agree that both angles are interesting! I think Gellar was an innocent crazy/"misunderstood eccentric". I love this idea cause it shows how the "power of the internet" and twisting someones material/teachings can really create chaos. Travis elevated Gellars teachings to the point of creating a cult! I wonder if Travis wasnt so, well, crazy that he could of asked some of the followers from the blog to perform the killings.

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