Dexter - Episode 6.06 "Just Let Go" - Review

Dexter “Just Let Go” Season 6 Episode 6 Review by Daemon's TV – After last week’s shocking conclusion, which saw Mos’ character Brother Sam take three close range gunshots, “Just Let Go” started by having Dexter hear about the attack while tailing Travis at a farmer’s market. It was interesting to see how broken up Dexter was about this shooting, as he’s so rarely emotionally invested in any of the crime scenes he’s working. It was also interesting to see how Dexter is all of a sudden being idolized for his stellar work as a blood splatter analyst. Last week Mike commended him for being so talented, and this week we hear Louis call him a rock star. It’s a bit ironic that Dexter fans have always made fun of Miami Metro for being one of the worst police departments on television, and last week’s episode actually had Mike tell Dexter that he was the only standout in a below-average police department. It’s good to see Dexter being elevated again this week.

I mentioned this in last week’s episode as well, but it’s still frustrating to see Dexter withholding evidence from Metro. I mean, one of his best friends has been shot, and he has a hot lead as to who is responsible. But does he share this in order to bring this man to justice and keep his friend protected from any future danger? Nope, instead he wants to go all Batman again and do it all by himself. You’d think that Dexter’s experience with the Trinity Killer, and the fact that his close friend has been shot, would be reason enough to get as many people to help him as possible. I understand that the vigilante justice angle is a major factor on this show, but this is just getting ridiculous. Then he has the gall to get all mopey when Leo gets shot dead by police. Justice is served, dude! (Or so he thought, at least). Read more after the jump below...

Speaking of withholding evidence, Quinn returned to form this week as a whiny little teenager who is too chicken to admit to his ex-girlfriend that yes, I banged somebody else. Why that should matter to her, since she dumped him, is beyond me as well. Either way, Quinn decides he’s going to keep a major lead in their main investigation from her because he’s too concerned about her feelings to tell her the truth. Oh Quinn and Deb, how you anger me so. At least we had that scene in the interrogation room where Deb got to put Quinn in his place, although this was quickly counteracted by Quinn showing up drunk to Deb’s housewarming. I hope this irritating relationship fallout gets resolved sooner rather than later.

While Brother Sam may be on his way out, we did get some extra screen time for two other characters that are new to the show: Louis and Jamie. Louis is really easy to root for as the video game developer doubling as a lab intern to do research for a homicide game he’s making, and Jamie is really endearing as Dexter’s hot nanny who was able to stand up to Deb and Quinn. I hope this cute new couple ends up going places, as I’m excited for a romance that has nothing to do with any of the established characters.

I’m really disappointed that Brother Sam is on his way out of the series, as his character really fascinated me. This is the only male character we’ve seen on the show who seems to appreciate Dexter’s darkness and see the light inside of him, and it’s a presence on this show that I’m really going to miss. We’ve all seen that there is some good in Dexter, albeit very deep down and well hidden. Sam telling Dexter that he didn’t want to be avenged, and that he actually forgave Nick for shooting him, was great. On a show where Dex has gone after every murderer and scumbag at the slightest provocation and proof of guilt, we see him drowning Nick for killing Brother Sam not for vengeance or to fulfill some warped code, but in anger. This was possibly one of Dexter’s most emotional kills, and it led to one of the greatest, most shocking reveals in Dexter history: The return of Brian.

Wow, what a reveal. Most people might not think that Brian Moser returning is a big deal, but on a show that is infamous for sweeping old characters and plots under the rug, this was huge. I mean, this guy hasn’t been seen since season two, and he didn’t even have any lines in his brief cameo. When I heard clapping coming from the beach, I thought it would have been Harry, or possibly Brother Sam being manifested in Dexter’s conscience. Nothing could have prepared me to see his dead older brother greeting him. It looks like we have an anti-Harry, acting like a sort of “devil on the shoulder” for Dexter. I can’t wait to see what happens next!

Random Thoughts:

- Wow, Desmond Harrington’s New England accident really came out this week, didn’t it? “Of course I’m playing the ‘Pahrtner Cahrd’, why wouldn’t I play the “Pahrtner Cahrd’? This is the reason the ‘Pahrtner Cahrd’ is in the f***ing deck!”

- Maybe the reason I enjoyed the last episode was so much was because there was no LaGuerta in sight. Unfortunately, she returned this episode to try to convince us that her character is still relevant. I’m definitely not convinced.

- “Hey dude, is that a bullet in your wall?” “Yeah, I figured it would bring the room together.”

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  1. I so can't wait, GREAT, FANTASTIC, AWESOME episode!

  2. Desmond's from the Bronx not New England...

  3. and he didnt have an "accident" he had an "accent" which was apparently from the Bronx not New England. So yah. Awesome episode.

  4. Brian actually did have some dialogue. He said: "Miss me, little brother?" or something to that effect.

  5. What about all that stuff he said to Dexter during Paul's funeral? Do your homework, dude. We need a better Dexpert here.

  6. Dexter has been getting more selfish. Most of his earlier kills seemed to be of the killer slipped through the cracks of the system and this is the only way variety.

    It's harder to take when there's clearly a legal just way forward and Dexter's undermining those efforts so he gets to be "the one". As John points out that tends to bring more pain and death and it arises out of this petty need Dexter has to maintain control.

  7. This should have dawned on me earlier but last night it also occurred to me that Dexter deserves to die based on his own code.

    He murdered the innocent photographer and bludgeoned that jerk to death in the bathroom after Rita died. I'd almost like to see the series end with a Dexter copycat putting him on a table with pictures of those two guys hanging up.

  8. ALSO! He's tracking Gellar who is actively planning on killing someone else as part of his Doomsday plan and Dexter ignores him to spend a couple of days hunting someone who, while clearly capable of future murders, isn't, to Dexter's knowledge, actively planning on another.

    First rule of time management Dexter! Always put your most urgent tasks ahead of the less urgent ones. Dexter needs to learn to prioritize better.

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