TOP 10 - The Best Quotes of Episode 6.04 "A Horse of a Different Color"

Episode 4 of Season 6 "A Horse of a Different Color" aired a few days ago. Click the link below to read the TOP 10 quotes of this episode and tell us in the comments what's your favorite.

10. "Body parts?  This spectacle makes me think of Brian, My brother." -Dexter

9. "Whoever did this seems to be a member of my tribe. But this is a horse of a different color. What is this?" -Dexter

8. Mike: -Damn is hot downhere
Quinn: -Yeah, It's Miami, genius.

7. "I've been a lieutenant for less than a week and there's already some game-playing, sick-as-f*ck serial killer for me to catch? -Debra

6. "You should have thought about that before you defiled her. It is the best think for her. She's part of God's plan now." -Professor Gellar

5. “Faith, man, you put it in the wrong thing? It can f*ck you up.” -Brother Sam

4. Mike: -Is it me, or does our Captain look happy our Lieutenant just shit the bed?
Batista: -It's not you... trust me I used to be married to her.

3. "Get your big f*ckin' sausage hands of me. That's terrible." -Quinn

2. "Kill number three. It's official. He's a serial killer." -Dexter

1. "I'm not at Debra's middle-aged professor. Is this Doomsday number two? But that's not the look of a murderer. That's the look of a man with faith. I've seen it before on Brother Sam. Whatever this guys believes, he knows it to be true." -Dexter

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  1. "Get your big f*ckin' sausage hands of me. That's terrible." -Quinn

    The car scene of them getting high was price-less just as the scene of dexter dancing was. I feel like they finally got the show back to where it should be.

  2. "Keep up the good f****** work" - deputy chief to Debra

  3. i smiled too when i saw scene with drugs :)

  4. There were alot of great lines in this episode! My fav from the list, #5 and 3. But what happend to the brother and sister exchange in the elevator? Deb being attacked by her pantyhose was hilarious. (paraphrase,wish I knew the line) Deb: Has anyone died of crotch fixation. Dex (uncomfortable): You have now crossed the line of brother and sister exchanges. It was a fun moment.

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