Interview with Dexter Author and Creator Jeff Lindsay

Via Writer Jeff Lindsay’s most famous character earned the author bestseller status and inspired a Golden Globe-winning Showtime series. Pretty sweet for a killer. Fans of Dexter Morgan, a Miami forensic analyst who moonlights as a sociopathic avenger, are in luck — Lindsay just released the sixth novel in the series, “Double Dexter” (Doubleday, $25.95) about a copycat killer on the loose, and heads to Boston on Wednesday for a reading at Brookline Booksmith. In a telephone interview from his South Florida home, Lindsay opened up about being the mind behind the mind of madness.
Herald: You’re the creator of one of the most beloved killers. How does it feel to be associated with Dexter?
I get a lot of people looking at me with this appraising look like, “You’re a sick puppy, aren’t you?” I don’t know, maybe I am. I am certainly a dedicated neurotic, I do my research and I put on the suit, kind of in the way an actor does.

Do you think that what Dexter does (killing bad people) is justified?
It’s an interesting concept that I want people to think and talk about. There are times when I think so. There was a guy here in South Florida that kidnapped a 6-year-old girl and raped and murdered her. I think I would have killed him myself. Not all people can be rehabilitated, and once you take that possibility away, what is the point of keeping them locked up? Read more after the jump below...

How enjoyable is it to tap into the mind of a serial killer?
It’s not that great (laughs). There are times when I have to sort of stop work early and go mix a martini instead of my usual glass of wine, because it gets to you.

How do you write the scenes when Dexter talks about what it feels like to kill someone?
I decided that I was going to make “killing” Dexter’s “sex.” I’m just writing sex scenes and substituting the important words.

Have you ever killed anything?
I am basically a redneck, I grew up in the South. I killed a pelican with a pellet gun when I was a kid and it took forever to die. Since then, nothing. I didn’t make a good redneck after all; it felt horrible.

If Dexter chose you as his next victim, how would you want to be taken down?
I’d ask him to give me a bottle of Irish whiskey and some sleeping pills, but I doubt it would happen that way.

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