Dexter - Episode 6.03 "Smokey and the Bandit" - Review

Dexter “Smokey and the Bandit” Season 6 Episode 3 review by Daemon'sTV– Dexter returned this week with “Smokey and the Bandit”, and gave us our very first look at detective Deborah Morgan on her first day of her new job! It turns out she just puts a jacket on over her old clothes. Cool!

More interestingly, we saw that the jogger guy that Travis attacked with the rock at the end of the last episode was being held alive in an abandoned church. Before now we never really had any firm confirmation if the people he was attacking were random or not, but the fact that Travis knew the victim by name and accused of him of committing sins he needed to confess shows us that these attacks are premeditated.

Before we get into the meat of the rest of the story, I need to recognize one character moment that I was genuinely impressed with. I’ve made my feelings known about how goofy and unbelievable I find the whole Masuka/Ryan story line, but the fact that Masuka brought out an old case file for the Ice Truck Killer totally blew me away. The Ice Truck Killer, people, from season freaking ONE! With a show that is known for sweeping old stories and characters under the rug (Fuentes brothers, anyone?), we actually get a reference to a character arch from the very first season! We even got a picture of Rudy Cooper (AKA Brian Morgan) himself! I’m excited to see where Ryan’s obsession with the ITK will go, now that we see her steal the arm from evidence at the end of the episode. This is a great way to reward your fans for sticking with your show from day one, Dexter writers! Keep it up! Read more after the jump below...

Anyway, after finding a dead working girl on the side of the street, we move right into Deb’s first day with her fancy new job. If you thought it would all go swimmingly and she would get through her first day drama-free, well then you don’t know Deb very well. She gets pushed around a bit by LaGuerta, who’s having a hard time letting go of her old job, and she loses her mind over it. Look, I know that having all of the responsibility of a new job must be tough for most people, but I always feel like Deb blows everything that happens at Miami Metro way out of proportion. So LaGuerta is trying to influence your decisions by offering helpful advice from her considerable experience? Deal with it. So Quinn is already with another girl after YOU dumped him? Deal with it! I feel like Deb’s profanity-filled tirades and anger is sometimes shoehorned onto the show because the writers feel like they need to fulfill their girl-drama quota. Whatever the reason, I’ve about had it up to here with Deb’s self-centered rants, because when you boil it down she’s complaining about minor issues that have arisen out of a higher-paying job that gives her more power than ever. First world problems, Deb.

Anyway, back to Dexter’s case-of-the-week, the geriatric serial killer Walter Kenney. Dexter thought that Kenney used to be a famous serial killer called the tooth fairy, but then just thought that he’s an angry, perverted old man. That is, until he found his trophy case of the teeth that he pulled from his victims. This led to a great surprise moment, when Dexter tried to pick up Walter to drive him home, just to have Walter trick him and tell him that he’s been on to Dex since day one. Even though I did see this surprise coming as soon as Kenney called him, it was still done effectively and made me jump when he pulled the gun.

This week’s victim actually got a strong emotional response from Dexter, as he realized that one day Harrison might found out about him after he’s dead. He decided to come home to Harrison and take a look at his own trophy case to reflect, but upon doing so he dropped all of his blood slides! This was actually a rather upsetting moment of the series, as the slide case is a staple of the show that has been there since day one. Many have argued that the slides have always done more harm than good, as they are basically a death sentence waiting to happen as soon as somebody finds those in Dexter’s apartment, but you can’t help feeling bad for Dexter when they were all out of order.

Finally, we got that crazy final scene. It seems this was what Travis and Professor James have been working towards, and it looks like it’s some sort of “Horsemen of the Apocalypse” message, but that’s just me guessing. I can’t wait to see what the heck is going on next week!

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  1. Good Show Does The ITK Reference Mean Brian is Somehow on his way back why would they just bring him up out of nowhere

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