Dexter - Episode 6.02 "Once Upon A Time" - Promo

The Season 6 premiere of Dexter just aired on Showtime. Watch now the official promo trailer of episode 6.02 "Once Upon A Time", by clicking the link below...

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  1. GERONIMO!!!!

    Looks too good to wait another week....
    it...should...leak? like the premiere...

  2. oh my fucking god. this looks absolutely amazing!

  3. I'm wondering if Dexter has jumped the shark...last night seemed more silly than dark. The opening scene with the paramedics had no substance and felt contrived and gratuitous. I'm a huge Dexter devotee and will always watch no matter what but I'm hoping the season delivers more classic Dexter.

  4. The opening scene was done to show Dexter was back to his killing ways again - back to his old self. We don't see the planning, the set up, we just see the pay off. That's probably why it felt like it had no substance - the substance was in the next kill - which we saw from start to finish. The first scene was all about getting the "He's back" message across and I think it did that wonderfully.

    This episode was a return to form. It had the dark humor and good pacing that earlier seasons had along with some really great dialog and exchanges. I think it'll only get better from here.

  5. What's with the irrelevant and gratuitous sex scenes now? The show NEVER had to resort to that to keep fans interested. Now, every single episode is laden with nudity and sexuality... which has NOTHING to do with the story line! What a shame.

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