Brea Grant Talks Dexter Season 6, Masuka & More

Brea Grant (Ryan Chambers) talks about the sixth season 6 Dexter on Click the link below to read the interview...

You are going to be starring in Dexter this season as Masuka’s (C.S. Lee) intern, Ryan Chambers. I love Dexter. What was it like working with Michael C. Hall and the rest of that incredible cast?
Brea Grant: It was awesome. There is something really amazing going on set and seeing people that have been playing these characters for five years, which is incredible, and just seeing them in their world being so comfortable. It made me more comfortable. It’s hard to show up on a set for the first time and be the new kid in school but they were super nice and amazing. I love feeling like I belong somewhere. I do a lot of guest starring roles, so it’s nice to be somewhere where I am going to come back.

You are a pretty girl, so is it safe to assume that your character will be spending countless hours fending off Masuka’s advances.
Brea Grant: (Laughing) My character definitely gives him something to advance at. They definitely put me in there to play off that part of him.

Masuka hits on everyone in the show.
Brea Grant: Yeah, I think my character deals with it a little differently than everyone else. They always blow him off and my character is more intrigued by Masuka.
Were you a fan of Dexter prior to your role?
Brea Grant: Yes, I was. I watched season one and two and then when I got this part I went back and watched the rest of them.

They always have the best guest stars like John Lithgow, Peter Weller and now this season they have you and Colin Hanks.
Brea Grant: Yes, and Edward James Olmos and Mos Def. It is a really nice cast this season.

Yes, I miss Colin Hanks in The Good Guys.
Brea Grant: I never caught that show. I don’t catch a lot of things. It takes me a long time to catch up.

What can you tell me about your character in Dexter?
Brea Grant: I think the weird thing about it for me is that I normally play more of a smart girl or a weird girl, and don’t get me wrong, my character is definitely weird but she is also written as very attractive. That was a change for me, to have to come in and read, all the men are staring at her. I’m just not used to that, yet.

Do they put that in your script, where and how people are supposed to be staring at you?
Brea Grant: Oh yeah, they totally do like she’s smoking hot or something like that. How do you play smoking hot (laughing)? I have no idea.

I’ve never seen a script, so I’m just curious.
Brea Grant: Yes, they do, they break down a lot of that stuff. It’s usually helpful for us because we know what everybody’s reaction is. The scripts for Dexter are so well written. They really let you know what is going on. They let you know when they want you to give a little smile and obviously actors go and add a lot to that but it’s nice to know where they think the joke is or where they think you are getting flustered. I always think of acting as more of an interpretation more than anything else. You are not inventing the character, which is so different from writing because in writing, I’m actually inventing but in acting, you are taking someone else’s ideas and trying to make sure that you include all them as well as interpreting it through your view of the world as well.

Read the full interview here.

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