POLL: Which New Character Are You Most Excited to See in Season 6?

Which of the new characters are you most excited for? Vote below!

Brother Sam | Played by rapper-actor Mos, Michael C. Hall says, “He is someone Dexter is initially pursing as a potential victim, but comes to realize Brother Sam has in a legitimate way rehabilitated himself by cultivating a relationship with God.”

Travis and Professor Gellar
| Played by Hanks and Olmos, it appears these two are a package deal. “Travis represents a new bad guy,” Hanks reveals. “He believes he is doing the right thing and it is under the tutelage of Professor Gellar. The two of them have this relationship that is very… dangerous.”

Jamie Batista | Dexter’s nanny — and Angel’s little sister “is a very positive influence on Harrison,” says the bubbly Aimee Garcia (Off the Map).

Mike Anderson | Billy Brown (Light’s Out) describes Miami Metro’s newest squad member as “hard-nosed” and “intolerant with shenanigans…. It’s all business for him.” Look for a rocky start between the Chicago native and Jennifer Carpenter’s newly-promoted Deb.

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  1. Mike Anderson for sure!
    also Jamie Batista.

    And I definitely want to see Debra as Lt.

  2. Mos def of course, he's a great actor.

  3. Mos for sure. Interested to see how Dexter and Brother Sam interact.

  4. Olmos can do no wrong! Hanks so far looks pretty convincing.

  5. Hanks looks too much convincing for me o.o - i mean - i hope that Dexter will kill his character fast becouse I realy hate his character 'mental style' if i can say that in this way O.O
    I chose you! Jamie Batista! Go and kick some butts!!!

    Debra as Leut? woow - this will be very exciting to see how she change, and IF she change - seeing her in her glourious downfall at the end of SO6 xD yes.. i dont like her either q.q am sorry ;.;

  6. the scenes with EJOlmos and MCHall will be incredible! i was so excited when they announced him that i knew the season would be awesome and i bet im gonna be proved right!

  7. I hate to break it to you Belb but it was reported that Clin is going to be in all 12 episodes of season six which most likely means that its not as swift as a death you hoped

  8. Well.. that just leaves hopes for last episode meritum.

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