POLL: The Season 6 Premiere of Dexter Has Leaked Online. Did You Watch It?

About a week shy of its premiere, the first episode of "Dexter" season 6 has reportedly leaked online. According to TorrentFreak, the upcoming October 2 outing has been made available for viewing pleasure via BitTorrent.

When confirmed about the news on early Friday, September 23, TorrentFreak said about 50,000 people have downloaded the 502 MB file, which is possibly ripped from a DVD source. "It is impossible to take down now, unless they shut down the entire internet," he told FishbowlLA. Even thought the season 6 premiere has leaked online, every Dexter fan should stay tuned in October 2nd to beat ratings! Did you watch the premiere? Vote below!

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  1. This is grammatically CRAP! Take a look at it:
    'he told FishbowlLA. But even thought the season 6 premiere

    'he told FishbowlLA, but even though the season 6 premiere'
    'he told FishbowlLA. Even though the season 6 premiere'

    Come on guys, get your fucking act together!

  2. Watched it, was great. Will watch it again on cable to help ratings as always!

  3. It was AWESOME. By far the best season premiere episode of Dexter!!!

  4. Saw it. Loved it. Did and will see again. Perfect premiere episode. He's back!

  5. "Saw it. Loved it. Did and will see again. Perfect premiere episode. He's back!"

    Looking forward to this season.

  6. I can't believe you guys liked it! Killing Deb off on the first episode and then reviving her as a robot was a definite jump the shark moment. Also, even though the kidnapping of Dexter by Aliens to murder the other Aliens they are locked in a space war with was exciting don't you think it changed the tone of the show?

    Oh crap. Spoiler alert. Sorry guys.

  7. ^^ haha

    It was an awesome premiere.

  8. Yeah pure awesomeness!!!!! love dexxx!

  9. think its fair to say back to season 1 DExter. i can see Olmos and Hanks gelling already this will be a titanic struggle with a very interesting set of questions being answered. it will be a gripping and fascinating season. i knew it in my bones and now i had a little peek this is gonna blow peoples minds. and no i dont work for the show, just a longtime fan. it will blow you away.

  10. i didn't like how their characters were introduced/didn't even really like them at all.
    other than that it was great.

  11. was anyone else kind of turned off by the cheap sci-fi movie effect of the snakes coming out of the guy's torso? I usually don't complain about special effects, but it was meant to be the key scene of the episode and it looked so bad. I hope that this leaked version of the episode was the effect not finished yet and the premiere we get on oct 2nd fixes it. If not, it just seems unnecessarily lazy on the production crew's part to make it look somewhat realistic. Sorry for nitpicking but it totally took me out of the moment when it should have been the coolest scene of the episode.

  12. Awesome ep, it's gonna be a darn good season.

    ^^ those special effects were pretty ordinary!

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