Dexter Season 6 Advanced Screening by Time Warner Cable & Showtime [More Photos] + Q&A with C.S. Lee

Via: We’ll start this off by telling you that if you’re a Dexter fan, the VIP area was an absolute dream. The color scheme was dark, there were scalpel cuts on the cheeks of all of the servers, and the Dexter theme song played on loop. However, one of the coolest parts was crime scene table, which featured all sorts of props that fans of the show would go crazy over. See more photos and read the Q&A with C.S. Lee, by clicking the link below...

C.S. Lee, who plays Vince Masuka on the hit (and absolutely awesome) television show Dexter was on hand last night at the season six advance screening. We managed to grab a hold of him we asked him a few questions about the upcoming season.
When we asked him what fans can expect from this season, Lee told us to look for “more blood and more killing.” We also wanted to know how Lee, who played quarterback in high school, gets into the character of the perverted Masuka. Lee’s response: “You know, it’s kind of an easy job because there’s such great dialogue. Dexter’s such a serious show and I’m one of the few characters that gets to shake and rattle that seriousness.”
Lee also let us know that “a few people” will get close to Dexter’s secret this year. Finally, when we asked if this season was one of the best, Lee told us that “it’s up there.” And judging by the first episode, he sure wasn’t lying. Once again, if you’re chomping at the bit, Dexter season six premiers on Sunday, October 2.

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