VIDEO: Dexter Season 6 - Behind The Scenes

Showtime just released a new official behind-the-scenes video of Dexter Season 6 containing previously unseen new scenes! Seems like the dark passenger returns this season!

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  1. Wow. I can not even begin to explain how fucking STOKED I am for the new season. We all just thought Trinity was creepy. I bet Almos' character blows 'em all away. I am so glad Chip is gone and Scott Buck, a true Dexter veteran, has taken the helm. Season 5 was okay and all, but 6 is going to be the best yet. It looks like Dexter's ritual has evolved somewhat. Using hammers to kill, among other things. This is going to be THA SHIT!!!!

  2. could someone please make a transcript of what Edward James Olmos and Colin Hanks are saying at 2:10? I don't understand what they are saying :D

  3. "I feel connection to the roots of the show, and a new energy. That's a great combo" I absolutely agree with Michael. I mean, we've got a new Dexter, who's over the death or Rita and he's over Lummen's absenece too. He's focused on himself again, and on his little son, of course. A year or two have gone and Harrison is older. We've got a new bad guy that looks really disturbing, and Dexter back to his origings but with all he has learned. Looks like it's gonna be a really good season. Can't wait to see it.

  4. Does anyone know that it is this symbol?
    Is from the promotional video of this new season.

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