Dexter Season 6 - Episode 6.09 - Casting Call

Here's  the casting call of Episode 6.09, which title is still unknown. Read more after the jump...

[ADAM] 30, Caucasian. Blue collar, under 6 ft and fit, and a bit "off." Not a leading man type. RECURRING GUEST STAR.

[CHAD MORRIS] 50s, Caucasian. Middle-management type, he is a distraught father. 5 Speeches and 2 Lines/1 Scene. GREAT RECURRING CO-STAR.

[TOM CASEY] 50s, British. Well-spoken and pugnacious. He is a college professor. 4 Speeches/2 Scenes.

[TROY] 40s, blue collar. He is the owner of a roadside visitor center shop. 1 Speech and 3 Lines/1 Scene.

[YOUNG WOMAN] Mid 20s, Caucasian, blue collar, sexy in a white trash kind of way. She is Connie's daughter. 1 Speech and 2 Lines/1 Scene.

[CONCERNED CITIZEN] Female, 30s, middle class. She is a mom pushing a baby carriage. 1 Speech/1 Scene.

[STUDENT] Female, early 20s. She is a smart college student. 1 Line/1 Scene. 

Source: SpoilerTv

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  1. Waiting season 6 !!!

  2. When will season 4 air?

  3. season 4??? really??? That aired 2 years ago partner ....if you want it for free just go to filestube dot com and search for it by episode and you can download it for gratus (free)

  4. Wait!! this is such a big tease! information on the roles but not how to audition for them??! does anyone know who to contact?

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