Showtime Will Submit These 6 Episodes of Dexter in Emmy Race for Best Drama Series

Three years ago Showtime received its first Emmy nomination for best drama series when "Dexter" broke through. Both the show and Michael C. Hall have been nominated for Emmys the last three seasons. Although they haven't won yet the series did pick up major trophies last year with John Lithgow winning as a guest actor and Steve Shill victorious as director of that season's finale, "The Getaway."
Dexter In the most recent season, its fifth, "Dexter" featured new guest actors Julia Stiles (as Lumen, a victim who got away from a serial killer), Jonny Lee Miller (as Jordan Chase, a motivational speaker and the big bad serial killer for the season), and Peter Weller (as Stan Liddy, a detective on the trail).

Series producers and Showtime staffers have chosen the final six episodes of the season as their submissions to the Emmy judging panel if the show receives another nod as best drama series.

5.07 "Circle Us" (aired Nov. 7, 2010)
Dexter is helping Lumen find the men who attacked her when they discover an overturned truck with barrels filled with bodies of dead women. They determine that the truck is owned by Jordan Chase, whose security chief might be one of Lumen's attackers. Debra Morgan (Jennifer Carpenter) continues on the Santa Muerte case that now involves a sting operation.
5.08 "Take It" (Nov. 14, 2010)
Dexter attends one of Jordan's motivational seminars, hoping to kill off the head of security with Lumen's help. Debra and the other officers have a major fallout over shootings in their nightclub case.
5.09 "Teenage Wasteland" (Nov. 21, 2010)
While Dexter has started hanging out with Jordan to learn more about him, his stepdaughter arrives and starts causing problems. In fact, he is afraid that the teenage girl has gone missing. Debra is now on an office assignment in the filing room when she discovers new details about the barrel girls.
5.10 "In the Beginning" (Nov. 28, 2010)
Debra has been reinstated and is assigned to work on the barrel girls' murders. She starts piecing together evidence about the serial killer. Dexter and Lumen find another living victim of Jordan Chase, who is initially uncooperative but then provides information about the abduction.
5.11 "Hop A Freighter" (Dec. 5, 2010)
Dexter and Lumen continue their quest to trap and kill Jordan Chase, but he remains a step ahead of them by planning a speaking trip to Europe. Debra has the serial killer case almost figured out.
5.12 "The Big One" (Dec. 12, 2010)
Jordan is captured by Dexter and Lumen who plot their revenge to kill him. Debra also tracks him down but arrives just after he has been murdered. She can't see who is behind the wall but assumes it is one of his living victims and allows her (and unknowingly Dexter) to escape.

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  1. Why isn't there a "None" option? Season 5 was garbage.

  2. you're a towel..

  3. Take It was about the only really good episode in season 5

  4. So much negativity... *sigh*

  5. I agree with the above poster(and 20 voters so far in the poll). Take It is the only episode on this list that has any chance of getting noticed.

    Season 5 wasn't garbage, but if season 4 didn't bring any awards to the show or MCH, season 5 certainly won't.

  6. for me, "Take It" and "Teenage Wasteland" were GREAT! absolutely loved it. The others were poorly written, and flawed, but somewhat enjoyable...except "The Big One", that one was an absolute JOKE...seriously, i hate to say it because i love the show so much but it doesn't deserve to go anywhere near an emmy. The only good part about it was the ending monologue by Dexter(as expected).

  7. It's a shame this show and actors weren't recognized earlier, because first two seasons(mainly first) certainly deserved more praise than they ended up getting, emmys are no exception...I mean, not even a nomination for first season???

  8. The Big One was crap all around. From LaGuerta noticing blood on Quinn's shoe with her super detective eyes (could have been oil, chocolate, ketchup, or anything really - but nope it's freakin' blood!), Lumen basically using Dex, Dex's out of character hissy fit (though the end of that scene was good) to Deb letting a criminal go, which even the actress knew went against everything her character stood for. I'm honestly surprised a lot of people are voting for it.

  9. Season 5 was awesome! Congrats for the Emmy nominations!!
    I really liked "In the beginning" but when I re-thought my vote, I realized that "Take it!" or "The Big One" would be more likely to win. I'm a little surprised that they chose the last 6 episodes of the season because I thought that there were some great moments in the first 6, but I'm sure Showtime knows best.

  10. Personally I liked episode 1 a lot. It had kind of a Dexter we hadnt seen before and he was awesome!

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