Michael C. Hall: "I Learned of my Nom in the Bathroom"

Via THR: If you’re parked on the 405 freeway Friday, look for Michael C. Hall. The five-time Emmy nominee, who received his fourth best actor in a drama series nom for Dexter, planned to celebrate the honors Thursday night online. “I’ve got an early call tomorrow in Long Beach and I think I’ll celebrate by going on Mapquest and figuring out a way to get there and avoid Carmageddon,” the actor said with a laugh.

Hall, who was driving to work to film Episode 5 of the Showtime serial killer drama, said he learned of his nomination – and the series’ five mentions including its fourth for best drama – in the bathroom.

“I went to turn off my alarm, which I keep on my cell phone in the bathroom so I’ll get out of bed and not rollover and fall back to sleep and had a bunch of texts messages and emails from representatives, friends and colleagues,” Hall said. “I’d actually forgotten that today was the day; it was a nice surprise.”

Hall credited Season 5 guest star Julia Stiles, who picked up her first Emmy nomination for playing victim-turned-killer and Dexter’s love interest Lumen on the series, with much of the show’s Emmy love.

“What she brought to the table went so far beyond what was initially on the page,” Hall said. “It had a lot to do with certainly her being recognized, me being recognized and the show being recognized. A lot hinged on whether or not that relationship was compelling and that had so much to do with her.”

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  1. "Hall said: “I’d actually forgotten that today was the day". Funny, it instantly reminded me of 'Tonights the night'.

  2. I really think Jonny Lee Miller should have totally gotten a nom for his role on Dexter. He was really good as Jordan Chase/Eugene Greer. He has a lot of range as an actor and it's a shame he wasn't recognized for his guest role on Dexter. But hopefully this year will be MCH's year to finally get that Emmy win. He has more than deserved it for a few years now for his role as Dexter. He is one of the absolute best actors on TV, shhh ...one of the best actors PERIOD really. He doesn't just play Dexter, he IS Dexter. He should have won back with season 1. But hopefully the academy will finally give him his due this year. All hail Darkly Dreaming Dearly Devoted Deeply Disturbed Demented Daddy Dexter.

  3. It's good to learn even famous actors have their tricks to avoid falling asleep again in the morning. Lol.

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