Jennifer Carpenter: "Really Excited About What Comes Next"

Via "When Jennifer Carpenter learned of how her character was to change so dramatically in the season five finale of "Dexter," she was not happy. As Detective Debra Morgan, she let the unknown slayers of a serial killer go free. "I had a really hard time with that, because it sort of contradicted what I thought was true about what was at the core of Debra: things are right or wrong, and there is not a lot of grey area. She bled blue, and was a cop through and through." More after the jump...

However, she came to realize the shift in her character's philosophy was for the good of the series. "The key to moving forward in an episodic television show is connecting on a really personal level, not only for me but also for Debra. She certainly surprised me and surprised herself by the twist at the end when she unknowingly lets Dexter go." Indeed, she was so pleased with the way the finale turned out that she might submit it if she is nominated for Supporting Drama Actress.

In the fifth season, Johnny Lee Miller and Julia Stiles guested while the upcoming sixth includes appearances by Mos Def and Colin Hanks. Says the forthright Carpenter about these newcomers: "To be honest, it feels like a zoo. We're sort of looking at them, trying to get a read on them. They're trying to get a read on us. Before we know it, we fit and the machine starts running really smoothly."

Watch her interview below. She talks about Dexter and more. The best part is from 8:30.

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  1. Did anyone else notice that little gleam on Jennifers face when that guy brought up Desmond? And talking about how kind and sweet he is? I bet they are getting thir freak on. She was the one that filed for the divorce. Its so ridiculous that people keep saying they think Julia Stiles was a factor in Jennifer filing for divorce, when her and Michael were already seperated before they even started shooting season 5. Oh well. I can't wait for this coming season. Its shaping up to be the best season yet.

  2. i think she filed for divorce cause of his cancer, she said in in an interview with TMZ

  3. well actually, they separated after the fifth season started filming (according to docs, August 2010--filming starts in May), and Desmond has a girlfriend a model named Eve they've been together for a while. She even had a small non speaking role in an episode of season 3 (one of 2 women on a beach crime scene that Quinn wanted to interview). According to speculation, Michael changed his mind about having children after his cancer came about (something about not wanting to pass it on to the kid since its been on both sides of his family via his mother and father) and that was a deal breaker for Jennifer. To be honest, that sounds like a more logical reason for their divorce. I mean...they are clearly still friends (MCH was seen at Jennifer's show in NY waaay after the divorce, and the were seen laughing and joking around outside of a cafe in LA a few days before the announcement was made but way after their seperation) so...if infidelity WAS a factor, i doubt they'd be as cool as they are with each other--especially if it was with another co-star of the show they both work on.

  4. From the sounds of it, their divorce is similar to what my seperation is right now. They're proof that not every divorce has to result in the parties hating each other...hell it's even possible to still be in love with the other person it's just that a relationship is not meant to be, either at the time or period.

    Anyways, I hope she feels it's in character to let Debra find out about Dexter...and accept it.

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