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One episode. That’s all that stands between you and The End…. of Dexter‘s fifth season, that is. Questions loom over Showtime’s serial killer drama: [Spoiler Alert: Stop reading if you haven't seen episode 11] Will the discovery of Liddy’s body prove more dangerous for Dexter (Michael C. Hall) or Quinn (Desmond Harrington)–or both? Will Dexter track down Lumen (Julia Stiles) before it’s too late? What does Jordan (Jonny Lee Miller) have in store for Dexter? Is this the episode that Harrison’s nanny (Maria Doyle Kennedy) is finally revealed to be plotting something sinister? On Sunday night, answers will flow. Right now, though, you can play the guessing game with the aid of some teasers. Dexter executive producer Sarah Colleton gives you, reader, four clues to fire the imagination about the finale, titled “The Big One.” Read more after the jump.

No. 1: “Has Dexter found true love? Is this his soulmate? Our fans know these decisions are tied to the yearlong theme, and it’s Dexter atoning for his part in Rita’s death. Has he atoned enough in helping this woman and coming to terms with his responsibility? Will that satisfy the gods? Lumen is the key element in bringing around Dexter’s atonement, but the big question is: Is there something left he’s going to have to sacrifice to achieve atonement?”

No. 2: “Remember in episode 11 when Liddy’s blood dripped on Quinn’s shoes? Well, who is the Miami Metro blood expert who’s going to be called upon to see whose blood that is? That’s going to be a very interesting conundrum for Dexter. Part of why Deb (Jennifer Carpenter) understands what these women went through is that she went through this in season 1, when Rudy captured her and was going to kill her, and Dexter had to kill Rudy to protect Deb. So Dexter’s like, ‘Do I want my sister involved with another bad guy?’  To Dexter, Quinn is a bad guy. But we’ve evolved Quinn, and I think to a lot of our audience Quinn has stepped up and become someone worthy of Deb. So Dexter is trying to weigh, ‘Is this good for Deb?’ and the no. 1 rule of the Code: ‘Do not get caught.’”

No. 3 “Deb has become this dogged detective. Like a dog with a bone in her mouth, she’s not going to let go–she’s going to follow this vigilante killer theory right to the end. So as the loose pieces of this game start fitting together, how close is Deb going to get to finding out who is ’13′? And who is this man helping her?”

No. 4: “Jordan’s a complete control freak and he has been pushed to the point of losing his control by Dexter and Lumen. So it comes down to: Is Lumen going to be able not to succumb to being a victim again? When we first met her, she was a victim and slowly she became an avenging angel as Dexter gave her strength. But she’s alone with Jordan, who’s going to bring her back to the site of the horror. So how mentally strong can a victim of that kind of abuse be? Is she going to survive long enough for Dexter to find her?”

Source: EW

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  1. cant wait for it i hope dex pins it on quinn!!!LOL

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