Latest from EW - 5.11 "Hop a Freighter" - Four Teasers

Latest from Entertainment Weekly. Teaser - Spoilers about tonight's episode. "Dexter-finaleSee that over there? That’s the end of Dexter‘s fifth season, peeking around the corner, holding a needle behind its back, waiting anxiously for you. The only thing standing between you and it is Sunday’s “Hop a Freighter,” the second-to-last episode of the year. Craving a preview of the action? You’ve come to the right blog post. We give you four teases from Dexter executive producer Manny Coto. Read More...

No. 1: “It’s a great moment of panic when you realize someone is spying on you but you don’t know who it is and what exactly have they seen. For Dexter, it’s the world’s worst nightmare…. The audience knows that it’s Liddy, but when Dexter finds out that the surveillance equipment has been checked out by Quinn, his trail leads toward Quinn. What’s Dexter going to do to stop Quinn, who he believes is on his trail?

No. 2: “Having worked alongside Deb for this entire season and slowly getting together and at the same time backing off from each other, Quinn finally bears his soul to Deb in such a way that she can no longer ignore what’s happened between them. And this is going to be complicated by the fact that Dexter believes that Quinn is spying on him.”

No. 3: “Deb narrows down the evidence against Jordan and believes she has enough to put him into custody— only to realize that it’s going to be harder than she imagined.”

No. 4: “Jordan Chase makes his ultimate gambit toward getting Dexter where he wants him. He makes a move that leaves Dexter devastated by the end of the episode.”

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  1. I dont like that last teaser....making me think something bad but probably inevitable is going to knots in my belly now- thanks!!! LOL!!

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