Dexter - Quotes from the Season Finale

Click the link below to read quotes from the Season 5 Finale Episode of Dexter from IMDb. (Spoilers)

HARRY TO DEXTER: “It’s right in front of you. Remember your target. Where he came from. Who he was.”

QUINN: “I don’t think I should say anything else. Not until I speak to a lawyer.”

LAGUERTA: “We have an officer down. Stan Liddy”

BATTISTA: “Am I the only one interested in this Goddamn murder?”

LUMEN: “First I wondered what was happening to me, then I was wondering how I could possibly tell you.”

MASUKA: “Is it weird to bring a date to a first birthday party?”

DEB: “I’m happy. You must be too. Now that this is all over, I mean.”

DEXTER: “Wishes, of course, are for children.”

JORDAN TO LUMEN:“You’ve transformed. You’re beautiful. If you hadn’t met me, you’d never know you had it in you.”

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  1. awww shit its gonna be a good one :) cant wait

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