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Dexter's struggle to deal with Rita's death will come to a head in the final four episodes of Dexter, executive producer Sara Colleton tells
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So far this season, he has been working through his guilt by helping Lumen [Julia Stiles]. He's believed that if he can avenge the wrongs done to her, he might be able to figure out whether he can atone for his part in Rita's death, Colleton says. "All of that will be converging, along with a lot of jeopardy that no one could've anticipated, not even Dexter."

And while the producers don't feel pressure to top last season's shocking finale, Colleton says they want to make sure all of this season's puzzle pieces come together in a satisfying way. Here are four things you should know heading in to the Season 5 finale:

4. The Villains Align: Instead of one big villain, this season has seen many. The characters recently began connecting as Dexter [Michael C. Hall] has tracked down those involved in Lumen's assault. "The last four episodes are a freight train when all of those pieces start interlocking," Colleton says.

3. Dexter Juggles His Two Selves: In this week's episode, Dexter's will split his time between dealing with Astor, who has run away from Orlando, and further investigating the barrel girls' case. "It brings Dexter closer to getting to know Jordan Chase [Jonny Lee Miller]," and as a result, Lumen will be put back into harm's way, Colleton says.

2. Quinn Finds a Target: Quinn (Desmond Harrington) started off wanting to uncover Dexter's secret, but his feelings for Debra (Jennifer Carpenter) have clouded his judgment. That is about to change. After his private eye caught pictures of Dexter and Lumen dumping a body in the ocean, Quinn will make a decision that sends him down "a big collision course" between his conflicting agendas, Colleton says.

1. Dexter Sees the Alternative: Colleton says the season's penultimate episode, titled "Hop a Freighter," will pop the question, "Wouldn't it be nice if you could escape from your life?" And the finale? She says only that it's been retitled "The Big One." "When you see the episode, you'll realize what a great title it is."


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