Dexter - Episode 5.03 ''Practically Perfect'' - Recap

We open with Deb Morgan intensely interviewing potential nannies for her brother Dexter’s son Harrison. The first few are less than stellar, to say the least. Finally, there seems to be a ray of light; an Irish woman with a nursing degree with an emphasis on infant/toddler growth and development, who formerly worked at a hospital until her ward was downsized. She picks Harrison (she calls him “Prince Harry”) up and he is immediately all smiles. As soon as she leaves, Dexter knows that she’s the one.

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Dexter sits down at his laptop to go over the photos he’s taken of the women Boyd Fowler had murdered. ‘I don’t know if killing you will fill the void, but it’s a place to start,’ he thinks to himself. Meanwhile, at the Miami Metro station, everyone is gathered around the television looking at surveillance tape from an ATM of the man they’d found dead in the previous episode. The man kept putting in the wrong pin number and couldn’t get any cash from the machine. Deb makes a comment that Masuka and Batista are sporting some bandages. Masuka makes a joke of it, and Batista says “it’s not worth talking about.” LaGuerta tells them all to focus on the case, and Quinn and Deb argue about the case at hand. Clearly, their personal tension is spilling over into the workplace. Deb offers to go back to the neighborhood with Batista to talk to people and see if they can find anything out that could help them. LaGuerta asks her husband about the fight, and he plays it off as if it’s not a big deal and says that it’s settled.

Dexter and Harrison are in a meeting with their crisis counselor, who says that little Harrison’s cognitive abilities are just developing, so there’s no chance he was able to comprehend what happened to his mother. He’s only ten months old; Dexter was three years old when he experienced his tragedy. She also tells Dexter that children Harrison’s age may display what seems like violent behavior, but it’s nothing more than them releasing energy. She advises him to find something for himself to release his own energy.

Quinn and Deb are back out on the streets with Batista, trying to find a lead. Quinn reveals that he’s been counting how long it’s been since he and Deb had sex (“9 days, 13 hours”) and she doesn’t take too kindly to that fact. Back to business, the three all agree that the people in the neighborhood are all afraid of something.

Dexter, out to lunch, calls home to check on Harrison and give tips to the nanny, who has everything under control thanks to a checklist he gave her. During the phone call, Boyd Fowler notices Dexter and comes over to talk. Dexter invites him to sit down and he does. Fowler introduces himself and Dexter does too…as Daryl Tucker. Dexter says he’s unemployed and looking for work, and Fowler ends up telling him that there might be an opening in animal pickup. He offers to take him on a ride the next morning. Dexter gladly agrees.

Dexter knows he has only 24 hours to get ready, so he follows Fowler’s patrol route until he comes upon a closed down, fenced off tourist welcome center. ‘Not very welcoming now,’ he thinks as he climbs over the fence. Once inside, he sets up his kill room in preparation for the next day. Harry appears and asks Dexter if he’s really going to kill Fowler in daylight. “It doesn’t matter out this far,” he replies. Harry reminds him that someone could come by, though Dexter thinks that could happen at night too. Dexter takes his plastic and sets the room up for the kill.

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