Ratings Record For the Season Finale! Dexter: New Blood Is Now the Most Watched Series In Showtime History!

Wow, this is huge!


Breaking news! Dexter: New Blood smashes all rating records for Showtime! Episode 10 "Sins of the Father" averaged 3 million total viewers, and it was the network's strongest finale in eight years, since the original Dexter series finale, which delivered 3.3 million viewers in September 22, 2013.

In addiction to that, it set a streaming and on-demand record for Showtime with 2 million viewers tuning in via non-traditional platforms.

During its full run, the new season averaged more than 8 million weekly viewers across multiple platforms, which means that Dexter: New Blood the most-watched series in Showtime history, the network reports. 

Dexter Morgan's highly anticipated comeback helped Showtime get lots of new subscribers, the cable network says it acquired the most signups in its history at the end of 2021.

"We're thrilled by the overwhelming response from the millions of fans of Dexter: New Blood these past 10 weeks," said Showtime Networks President Gary Levine in a statement. "Whether they loved the finale or couldn't bear to see it end, we so appreciate their passion. Our deepest thanks to Michael, Clyde, Scott, and Marcos for delivering a profoundly powerful conclusion to our beloved and extraordinary series."

Dexter: New Blood Season 2 is definitely happening, folks!

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