New Batista Actor James Martinez Meets David Zayas: "An Honor to Revive This Iconic Character"

"I got the blessing from the man himself" said Martinez.

It seems like young Masuka actor Alex Shimizu has accidentally started a new trend! 

Following last night's meet-up in Los Angeles between C.S. Lee (old Masuka) and Alex Shimizu (younger Masuka), James Martinez, who is playing a younger version of Angel Batista in Dexter: Original Sin, shared a photo of himself alongside David Zayas in New York City. Martinez received some tips from the original Batista actor and revealed the honor he feels in portraying one of Dexter's most beloved characters.

James Martinez via his Instagram account: 

"You inspired me to post, Alex Shimizu. I got the blessing from the man himself David Zayas, as well as some helpful tips. What a class act. It will be an honor to revive this iconic character."

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