Actors For Younger Versions of Miami Metro Staff Revealed - Official Character Info

Three familiar Miami Metro faces are getting younger versions in the prequel!

Earlier this morning, Showtime revealed four new actors who will be joining Patrick Gibson, Christian Slater, and Molly Brown, who will be playing Dexter, Harry, and Deborah, respectively in the Dexter prequel series "Dexter: Original Sin."

James Martinez will be playing Angel Batista, Christina Milian has been cast as Maria LaGuerta, and Alex Shimizu will portray Vince Masuka. A new key character, Bobby Watt, will be played by Reno Wilson.

Here’s Paramount+/Showtime’s synopsis about the younger versions of Miami Metro characters:

1. Angel Batista

"An up-and-coming homicide detective who leads with his heart."

2. Maria LaGuerta

"Miami Metro’s first female homicide detective."

3. Vince Masuka

"A forensic analyst who eagerly shares his expertise while relishing the chance to boss around his new intern, Dexter Morgan."

Bonus! A new Miami Metro character has been revealed and his name is Bobby Watt. He's about the same age as Dexter's father, Harry.

4. Bobby Watt

"Harry’s longtime partner and confidant."

[via press release]

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