Dexter's Iconic Character Who Won't Appear In Season 1 of Dexter: Original Sin, and Three Others Who Will

All the familiar characters we should expect in the 10-episode first season.

Dexter: Original Sin, the highly anticipated prequel following a young Dexter Morgan transitioning into an avenging serial killer, wrapped production in Miami on June 15th, after ten days of shooting. Production will resume in Los Angeles very soon and will continue until Fall 2024.

So far, we have a list of seven actors joining the prequel as series regulars: Patrick Gibson (Dexter), Molly Brown (Deborah), Christian Slater (Harry), Christina Milian (LaGuerta), James Martinez (Batista), Alex Shimizu (Masuka), and Reno Wilson as an all-new character named Bobby Watt.

Bobby Watt's name was revealed long before Showtime announced the prequel on May 23, via a website called That Hashtag Show. When we shared the scoop here on Dexter Daily, we tagged the information as a "rumor," considering that we weren't 100% sure if it was true or not.

Now that we're certain it wasn't just a rumor, we can proceed and review the list of the remaining familiar characters making a comeback in the first season of Dexter: Original Sin (plus the character that won't).

1. Camilla Figg

Camilla Figg, a good friend of Dexter's father Harry, knew Dex ever since he was a kid. The way she talked to Dexter before her death in episode seven of the third season of the original series ("Easy As Pie") left everyone wondering if she knew about his true identity. Hopefully, Dexter: Original Sin will provide some answers. Actress Jasper Lewis is a leading candidate to portray the young version of Camilla.

2. Tom Matthews

Tom Matthews, an iconic figure in Miami Metro and close friend to Harry Morgan, will be back for Dexter: Original Sin. The prequel might explore his arc further and answer questions fans have been asking for years. Like with Camilla, we hope to learn if Matthews knew Dexter's secret identity as a serial killer and chose to ignore it.

3. Laura Moser

Laura Moser, Dexter and Brian's mother, was murdered in 1973. The prequel will give us a better look at her complicated relationship with Harry, or perhaps a recreation of the shocking shipping container scene where Dexter and Brian witnessed the cold-blooded murder of their mother. It's uncertain whether we will have casting announcements about the actress who will play Laura, as we did with the main stars of Dexter: Original Sin.

The iconic/beloved character that is not expected to appear in Dexter: Original Sin Season 1:

James Doakes

As we mentioned above, six new actors have been announced for the prequel spinoff, and one of them is for an all-new character, Bobby Watt. 

But what about the actor who will play the fan-favorite character James Doakes?

Well, it seems like we have bad news. The showrunner of the prequel, Clyde Phillips, has decided to leave Doakes out of the first season. Apparently, some events in Miami Metro P.D. during the first ten episodes of Dexter: Original Sin will shake up the department, and as a result, James Doakes will be added to the department by the second season.

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