Actress Jasper Lewis Joins the Cast of Dexter: Original Sin — But Who Is She Playing?

A new casting addition to Dexter: Original Sin has been revealed!

Dexter: Original Sin, the prequel spinoff that follows a young Dexter Morgan's transition into an avenging serial killer, is now in its final hours of filming in Miami. Various cast members have visited the city in the past couple of weeks, including the three main stars who play the Morgans, as well as Alex Shimizu (Masuka). Actors who haven't been announced yet were also spotted in the 'Magic City.'

One of those actors is Jasper Lewis, who has seemingly joined the cast of Dexter: Original Sin in her first-ever TV role. The Atlanta-born actress was recently in Miami to shoot various scenes for the prequel and is now waiting for the show to return to its base in Los Angeles to film the rest of the first season. Lewis never mentioned her casting in Dexter: Original Sin, but several clues (such as the word 'Miami' being removed from her most recent Instagram post earlier today) and her follows of new Dexter: Original Sin castmates suggest her involvement in the show.

All the characters she might be portraying in Dexter: Original Sin from least to most likely:

Laura Moser

There are three characters she might be playing. The first is Dexter's biological mother, Laura Moser. Recent set images from Miami show a young woman in the passenger seat of a convertible. Our theory is that the actress in the images is playing Laura Moser, but on closer inspection, there isn't much resemblance between Jasper Lewis and the woman in the (blurry) set photos.

Tanya Martin (brand-new character)

Another possibility is a new character named Tanya Martin. According to a source from early April, who accurately reported on the Bobby Watt character (played by Reno Wilson), Martin is the forensics chief working with Harry's team, and she's in her 30s.

Camilla Figg

The most likely character she might be portraying is a younger version of Camilla Figg, the records supervisor for the Miami Metro Police Department. The resemblance between Jasper Lewis and actress Margo Martindale, especially in the eyes, is notable. However, this could be coincidental.

We'll soon know more details about the actual character she's playing in the prequel. It might be none of the roles mentioned above, and her resemblance to Margo Martindale could be random. Stay tuned to Dexter Daily for updates!

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