Dexter: Original Sin - The First Table Read For Episodes 1 & 2 Took Place Yesterday

The cast and producers of the Dexter prequel gathered on Thursday to read the script.

Dexter: Original Sin, the prequel series that follows a young Dexter on his transition into an avenging serial killer, wrapped filming in Miami last week. Now, all the cast members are in Los Angeles, where they're going to shoot the whole season in the studio.

June 20th was an important day for the cast, directors, producers, and writers of the show since it was the very first table read for them. Patrick Gibson, Christian Slater, Molly Brown, Alex Shimizu, James Martinez, and other actors gathered for the first time to read the script aloud around a table.

Executive Producer and writer of Dexter: Original Sin, Scott Reynolds, was there as well and shared a photo of his own script on his X account.

Below you can see the unofficial logo of the show:

For those who don't know, a table read is a pre-production event in which the cast of a film or TV show gathers to read the script aloud. This usually happens with the entire cast seated around a table, along with the director, producers, writers, and other key production members.

The main purposes of a table read are to allow actors to familiarize themselves with the script, their characters, and the story as a whole. It also provides an opportunity for the director and writers to hear the dialogue and narrative flow, helping gauge the chemistry and dynamics between cast members, which is crucial for the believability of their on-screen relationships.

Table reads are an important step in ensuring the script is ready for production and that everyone involved is on the same page before filming begins.

"We had an amazing Dexter table read of the first two episodes today. Everybody killed it." Scott Reynolds said yesterday right after the table read was finished.

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