All Miami Metro Actors' Reactions to the News About Their Casting In Dexter: Original Sin

How Batista, LaGuerta, Masuka, and Bobby Watt actors reacted to their casting news.

On the early morning of June 5th, Showtime took to their social media accounts to reveal the latest series regulars for Dexter: Original Sin, who will be joining Patrick Gibson (Dex), Molly Brown (Deb), and Christian Slater (Harry). Four new actors were announced, three of them set to portray the younger versions of Miami Metro characters and one of them a new character. Let's see how all four actors reacted to the news about their casting!

1. Christina Milian (Detective Maria LaGuerta)

Minutes after Showtime released the news about the four new Miami Metro actors, Christina Milian, who will be playing Maria LaGuerta, shared on Instagram the following:

I've been keeping a little secret 🤐 I can’t wait to join Miami Metro 🚨😉  #DexterOriginalSin is coming soon on the @ParamountPlus with SHOWTIME plan. Get ready. 🔥🔥

2. Reno Wilson (New character named Bobby Watt)

On the same note, actor Reno Wilson, who’s going to portray a Miami Metro character who is a close friend to Harry Morgan, said:

So thankful. So excited. Can’t wait to join Miami Metro. This is going to be bloody fun!

3. Alex Shimizu (Vincent Masuka)

South Korean actor Alex Shimizu, who’s playing one of the most iconic characters in Dexter's history, shared the news on his Instagram account and teased us about his own version of Masuka's notorious laugh!

Ready to kill it 🔪🩸 Hehehe 🤭#DexterOriginalSin #Dexter #Masuka #VinceMasuka

4. James Martinez (Detective Angel Batista)

James Martinez, the actor chosen to portray the younger version of Angel Batista, took the chance to thank Showtime for their decision to pick him for the role. The actor also said that he feels honored to fill David Zayas' shoes in this upcoming prequel:

This summer’s gonna be killer 🔪☺️. Thank you for having me @sho_dexter @paramountplus @paramountplusca @showtime. Honor to fill in the shoes of @zz_nyc who I’m a big fan of. Let’s do this.

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