Patrick Gibson (Dexter) and Molly Brown (Debra) React To Their Casting In Dexter: Original Sin

Let's see how both actors reacted yesterday's news about the Dexter prequel.

The highly anticipated Dexter prequel about the early years of everyone's favorite serial killer is finally happening. After months of trying to find the perfect cast for the three main characters of Dexter: Original Sin (previously known as Dexter: Origins) Showtime/Paramount chose Patrick Gibson for the starring role as Dexter Morgan, Molly Brown as his fouthmouthed sister, and Christian Slater as his mentor/father Harry.

Let's see how the Gibson and Brown reacted to the news via their Instagram accounts (Patrick Gibson didn't say anything yet).

Just like many other actors announcing such news on their social media accounts, both actors shared a screenshot from website with the headline about their casting. 

Molly Brown who plays teenage Debra said: "I'm about to swear so f*cking much on your TV 🥺 😭 🔪. Thank you, thank you, thank you, I'm so f*cking excited."

Patrick Gibson who plays Dexter on the other hand, said: "Tonight’s the night… Can’t. Bloody. Wait. 🔪"

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