Why There's No New Information About the Dexter Spinoffs and When To Expect Some News

It's been quite a long time since we got some Dexter news... right?


Six months ago, on February 6th of 2023 it was revealed to almost everyone's surprise, that Showtime and Paramount+ will be expanding the Dexter universe. Three new Dexter series including a sequel season to Dexter: New Blood starring Jack Alcott were greenlit, with the other two being a prequel series starring young Dexter and Debra in their early 20s, and a Trinity Killer prequel based on the early years of Arthur Mitchell. Showrunner Clyde Phillips will be involved with all of these shows.

Other projects are being discussed as well, with Showtime exploring other Dexter characters whom the network could develop for possible series.

But... why we didn't get any news since the day of the announcement?

The main reason is the ongoing WGA strike that is happening since May 1st which as a result re-scheduled every plan the networks had about their TV shows. The Writers Guild of America, which has been on strike for 73 days now, is seeking higher compensation and residuals, as well as new rules that will require studios to staff television shows with a certain number of writers for a specific period. 

Screen Actors Guild of America (aka Hollywood actors) made things even more complicated for streaming services and networks after announcing on Thursday that they will be giving their full support to the writers. The SAG-AFTRA strike became unavoidable after contract talks with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers failed to reach a new deal. With both unions now walking off the job at the same time, don't expect any news about the Dexter spinoffs (or any other forthcoming TV show) anytime soon. 

Let's hope that the casting call for the young versions of Dexter, Debra and other prequel/sequel characters wasn't affected by the strike, and Showtime/Paramount+ have already found the actors that will portray younger versions of our beloved characters in these new shows.

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