Scott Reynolds Shares Pics From the Writer’s Room Boards of Episode 9 ‘The Family Business’

A BTS look at the awesome flashback Miami scene of episode nine!


Executive producer and writer of Dexter: New Blood Scott Reynolds tweeted a bunch of photos from the writer's room boards yesterday, about his episode "The Family Business", which is the most beloved one among fans. In the images below you'll notice lots of differences from what we finally got, with the most obvious one being Mr. Wiggles' name which was initially "Pockets the Clown".

As you can see, the initial idea was that 'Pockets' was a travelling clown. For some reason they decided that Pockets... now Mr. Wiggles, will have his own playland.

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Scott Reynolds/Twitter

1. EXT. Miami flashback (pool) Saturated Miami tones.

Children's birthday party at a swimming pool, palm trees. See Pockets the Clown doing his magic. Kids are into it. Reveal Dexter of early 2000s watching. Dexter's voice over says there are thousands of bad guys who slip through the cracks.

2. EXT./INT. POCKETS HOUSE (flashback)

Dexter sees pocket and his van leave. Breaks inside searching for proof of Pockets' bad deeds. Dexter's voice over: "I use my Dark Passenger".

3. INT. DEXTER'S CABIN (present time)

Harrison interrupts. Wants to know what a Dark Passenger is. Realize Dexter is telling Harrison a story. Dexter explains the Dark Passenger concept... "it's what we have". Harrison feels connected. Explains all these bad urges he has. Harrison has no idea that Dexter had the same thing.

Scott Reynolds/Twitter

4. INT. Pockets' home - (flashback)

Dexter searches for proof as his voice over explains that the code his father taught him, demands they find the proof - don't have to follow the laws. Dexter finds a space with photos of dead kids, their faces painted like clows. Pockets is a travelling clown. Kills and moves.

5. INT. Dex's cabin - (present time)

Harrison: Wait, what? Grandpa Harry the cop taught him? Dexter gives a brief history of why Harry created the code. Same age. Did aunt Deb know? Yup. She came around. Harry saved him. His brother killed lots of innocent. Dex had to make a choice between Deb and his brother. (Brian) had no code. Harrison thinks this is destiny.

You can see right below that 'Pockets the Clown' was supposed to have his own van like Trinity did in season 4.

Scott Reynolds/Twitter

6. EXT. Miami Street (flashback)

Dexter tails Pockets from afar. Go to Pockets point of view as he sees a kid from a birthday party. Convinces him with a trick - want own show? Dexter's voice over: Once he got proof he can do what the law can't. Pockets opens van door. There's Dexter, face hidden, tells kid "run!" (monster?). Kid flees, Dex pulls Pockets into van, van screeches, it's at this point we understand this is stylized/Marvel storytelling.

7. INT. Dexter's Cabin (present time)

Harrison: "So you saved people?" Yes. No other children killed by him. Harrison looks at his dad like he's a superhero. Used this thing for good. How did you kill him?

Scott Reynolds/Twitter

8. INT. Kill room (flashback)

It's our best kill room ever. Kids' pics on the wall. Pockets is not in makeup, is Dex in a grotesque clown makeup? Smelling salts to Pockets' wrapped in plastic on table. He tries to act like he's still drugged. "Open your eyes and look at what you've done!" Dexter's voice over tell of plastic use, have to be very neat monster. Can't leave a trace because the world won't understand what we do. Dex kills Pockets. End of flashback.

9. INT. Dex's cabin (present time)

Dex look to Harrison, his whole truth of who he is, is out. Harrison wants Dex to teach him the code, just like Harry did with him. Dexter knows who the can go after. Kurt. He's gotten away with killing innocent missing women in Iron Lake. Iris was the first.

"It's our best kill room ever". The events of the flashback scene took place in the early 2000s according to Scott Reynolds, and as you can see the writer wanted Dexter to repeat the famous quote from the series' very first episode "open your eyes and look at what you did!".

Aside from the changes on the clown's nickname, the original idea for the flashback had many exterior scenes. 99% of what we got in the actual scene was interior scenes. Many elements from the "present time" stayed the same, except ghost Deb's presence during the "Dark Passsenger conversation" in front of the fireplace.

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