Dexter: New Blood Season 2 / Spinoff Update - Showtime Entertainment President Talks Possible Renewal

"We accomplished what we hoped to do beyond our wildest dreams" said Gary Levine.


In a brand new interview with website The Hollywood Reporter, president of Showtime entertainment Gary Levine opens up about what's next for the premium cabler, and their plans to build on the huge success of Dexter: New Blood, which is the most watched TV series in the history of Showtime. He also shared his thoughts about the original finale, how the new finale achieved its goal, and the possibilities of a continuation for the franchise.

The Hollywood Reporter: Dexter: New Blood was greenlit to bring "justice" to the franchise, as you told critics in August. Will there be more of it or is that chapter closed, even though showrunner Clyde Phillips has already expressed interest in continuing the story?

Gary Levine: Our goal with Dexter: New Blood was to give the series a proper conclusion and I couldn’t be more proud of how it turned out, both creatively and the response to it, which was off the charts. As you can tell, it was a good amount of closure. We accomplished what we hoped to do beyond our wildest dreams. Right now, we are still enjoying the closure of Dexter. It’s not uninteresting [to revisit it] but you have to be judicious about going on with existing IP vs. creating new IP. We don’t do it a whole lot and when we do it, we do it carefully. At this point, I can’t say definitively either way about it.

THR: You were head of originals when Dexter ended the first time. How involved in the “first finale” were you compared to New Blood?

Levine: I was out sick the day of the lumberjack thing! (Laughing.) It’s so hard to end a series of a beloved character and iconic series. Even the conclusion we did for New Blood still had bunch of people saying, “What’s wrong with them?!” But it’s a high-class burden to have a show that is so beloved that so many people are counting on you to end it the way they want you to. We’ve done some beautiful endings and some slightly clumsy ones. Dexter is in the latter.

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