Skyler Wright Talks About Her Role As Chloe In Dexter: New Blood

"It has been really cool and surreal" Skyler said.

Photos courtesy of Skyler Wright

Skyler Wright who played one of Kurt Caldwell's newest victims in three episodes of Dexter: New Blood, talked about her role as Chloe and the personal success that followed her appearance on the series: "I knew the impact it was going to have. But I didn’t know my character specifically was going to have this much of an impression on people."

“I remember just waking up one day and deciding I was going to dye my hair green,” Wright said. “My parents thought I was insane but I was like fuck it, I’m going to do it.”One week later Wright received a phone call, and had been invited to audition for a role in a Massachusetts’ based film, which would end up being Dexter: New Blood, but at that time it was under a secret project name.

“I kind of just showed up to the audition that day with this bright green hair and then a couple weeks later they called me and asked me if I would be willing to keep the green hair. I found out in early December of 2020 I got the part and it was super surreal. I didn’t even realize at that point what was happening because obviously Dexter has been off the air for nearly ten years. I didn’t even realize they were doing a reboot at that time but had an idea that could be it through things I was reading.”

“For six months it was just me traveling to western Massachusetts every three weeks and I think my last day was in the middle of July,” she said. “We knew the schedule was going to be from February through July so we wanted to get all of the exterior shots out of the way while it was still winter because the show takes place during the winter.”

She was called in for a meeting with the special effects team to help create a body double for the scene where she is shot in the face.

Skyler Wright

“They covered my whole head in silicon and plaster,” she said. “You have little nose holes but at one point I couldn’t really breathe and would have to raise my hand to communicate that to them. It was a wild first day. It was at that moment when I kind of realized what I was getting myself into.”

She ended up doing all of her stunts, making her body double... useless!

“They told me they would love for me to do as much as I was comfortable with and I said ‘throw me around and into anything,’” she joked. “Then the next thing I know Clancy Brown, who plays Kurt, is tossing me into the dirt and I have a harness on underneath my clothes. At one point I am running towards him and he shoots me so they had a rope attached to the harness and just yanked me backwards.”

On the response to her character Chloe, Skyler said: “It has been really cool and surreal,” Wright said. “I am still a bartender and I have such a normal life in many aspects. This is just a new part of my life.”

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