Dexter: New Blood - The Writers of Episodes 8 and 9

Let's see who's writing the episodes titled "Unfair Game" and "The Family Business".


Episode 8 "Unfair Game" and episode 9 "The Family Business" are scheduled to be released on December 26th and January 2nd respectively. Learn who's writing these episodes below.

The upcoming eighth episode of Dexter: New Blood "Unfair Game" (directed by Sanford Bookstaver) is written Tony Saltzman and David McMillan, writers of episodes four and three respectively.

Episode 9, aka the penultimate episode of the season titled "The Family Business" (directed by Marcos Siega) is written by Scott Reynolds

For those who don't know, the 10th and final episode of the season "Sins of the Father" is written by Dexter: New Blood Showrunner Clyde Phillips.

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